Green energy

Green Energy

Solutions to enhance your footprint in clean and renewable energy

Solutions to enhance your footprint in clean and renewable energy

Green Energy

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), green energy provides the highest environmental benefit as it includes power produced by solar, wind, hydrogen, geothermal, biogas, low-impact hydroelectric, and certain eligible biomass sources. By signing the Paris Agreement, signatory countries have pledged to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions, as well as adapt to the impacts of climate change. By scaling up clean and renewable energy usage, organisations can sharply reduce one major source of the problem: energy-related CO2 emissions. The transition to a clean and green energy system based on renewable technologies will thus have a positive impact on the global economy and essentially on environmental sustainable development.

our key credentials

Complete lifecycle expertise and testing facility for Energy storage with over

Green Energy  650+ project in solar with 50+GWh


Circular Economy200+ type test certification issued


Green Energy 43+ projects in offshore wind


Green Energy  200+ projects in Hydrogen


Water Conservation30 GWh renewable power generated EE certification issued


Affordable and Clean EnergyIndustry, Innovation and InfrastructureSustainable Cities and CommunitiesResponsible Consumption and ProductionClimate ActionPartnerships for the Goals

Our services


  • Advisory

    We offer fully integrated solutions to enable your renewable investments to optimise performance and achieve maximum efficiency, thus ensuring bankability, reliability, safety, and quality.

    Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydrogen, Geothermal and Energy storage

    • Technical due diligence (TDD)
    • Site assessment
    • Energy yield assessment (EYA)
    • Wind resource assessment (WRA)
    • Techno economic viability study (TEV)
    • Detailed project report (DPR)
    • Tendering and contract management
    • Project management & construction supervision 
    • Grid compatibility
    • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
  • Auditing and Certification

    Our independent audits & certification service will help you demonstrate that you follow all compliance standards per local and international norms and will provide stakeholders confidence that you fulfill your commitment towards GHG reduction.

    • Green hydrogen certification
    • Sustainable certification for bioenergy - ISCC (international sustainability and carbon certification) audit and certification
    • Renewable Purchase Verification
  • Inspection

    We act as an independent and impartial agency to ensure that your complete value chain stakeholders adhere to your design, local and international norms to ensure quality & safety and ensure project timeline.

    Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydrogen, Geothermal and Energy storage

    • Procurement Inspection 
    • Pre & post shipment inspection
    • Expediting 
    • Supplier evaluation
    • Vendor quality assurance
    • Stage inspection
    • Commissioning supervision 
    • QA/QC inspection 
    • Safety audit
    • Operation & maintenance audit
    • Photovoltaic Performance testing
    • Wind turbine in-service inspection
  • Testing and Product Certification

    We help you meet regulatory compliances and internal stakeholders' requirements through our multidisciplinary testing service and world-class laboratory facilities. 

    • Wind turbine and component testing and certification
    • Solar Module and component testing & certification


We support organisations across lending institutions, EPCs, Owners and IPP, Power Sector, Energy industries, Manufacturing industries, Commercial buildings and Rural Electrification.


Infrastructure Imperatives, Carbon Management, Circular Economy, Environment Conservation, Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency.

Green Energy Portfolio

Solutions to enhance your footprint in clean and renewable energy

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Hydrogen Services

A potential energy carrier for achieving your decarbonisation goals

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