Defensive Driving

Training program

Training program


The most important job of any driver is safe driving. This Defensive Driving course aims to develop knowledge awareness and skills amongst road users about road safety issues and ensure practical cooperation and communication between relevant bodies. It recognises the best practices and the application of practical and research experience. The content of this course is a combination of theoretical and practical sessions. An effective Defensive Driving training program helps organisations prevent significant accidents, achieve their obligations, and fulfill legal requirements and Operational Control requirements of ISO 45001:2018.

Your benefits

Upon completion of this training program, participants will understand:

  • the importance of defensive driving
  • how to raise and maintain awareness of road safety issues
  • the necessary attitudes and behaviours for safe driving
  • how to promote positive attitude towards enforcement laws  
  • how to infuse sense of courtesy and concern among road user

Course content / outline

  • Introduction to Defensive Driving
  • Vehicle knowledge and driving skills
  • Road Signs / Signals, Road Marking
  • Physical and mental ability
  • Need of road safety and driver safety
  • Causes of road accidents
  • Driving in adverse conditions
  • Night driving / Wet conditions
  • Risk recognition
  • Distractive driving and consequences
  • Road rage, aggressive driving, driving courtesy and behaviour
  • Driving ergonomics
  • Vision and speed effects
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Drugs / Alcohol and driving
  • 3 Second Rule (Distance between vehicles)
  • Motor Vehicle Act
  • Accidental injuries and  emergency and response (First-aid)
  • Practical session
  • Q&A
  • Examination

who should attend?

  • Drivers 2 Wheelers and 4 Wheelers
  • Cab Drivers  
  • Bus and Truck drivers
  • Cargo drivers
  • Professionals
  • Safety managers
  • Supervisors and Executives
  • any others involved in Health and Safety implementation, Inspection and Auditing

Training duration

1 Day


  • Understanding of English (if language requirement is not addressed)
  • Understanding / Knowledge of driving and related occupation

Exam Details (Duration, Pattern)

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Platform/Mode: Written or Online


Qualified participants will receive certificate on “Defensive Driving”; others will receive a certificate of participation.

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