IEC 61511 Functional Safety Training & Certification in India

Safety related systems in automation, plant and process industries

Proof Of The Standard-Compliant Use Of Safety-Related Systems In Automation ,Plant and Process Industries

The operation of systems in the process industry or the handling of machines, Safety Instrumented System always involves a small residual risk. In many places, electrical or electronic protective devices help reduce this risk to an acceptable level and keep it there. If it is ensured that these protective devices fulfill their function as expected in an emergency, this is referred to as functional safety . In order to ensure the correct functioning and effectiveness of protective devices, the legislator prescribes assessments or audits of functional safety.
Do you want to meet the legal requirements with legal certainty and make sure that the electrical and electronic safety devices of your process plant or machine work properly - even after changes? Then we would be happy to carry out a functional safety assessment. Contact us for a non-binding offer.

This is how a Functional Safety Assessment Works

During the assessment or audit of functional safety, an independent third-party checks whether the relevant protective devices meet the required requirements according to the four-eyes principle. These result from the underlying guidelines and harmonized standards for functional safety – IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 in Plant, Process and automation Industries with life cycle approach which includes all stakeholders of Industries Logic system manufacturer, Safety Device Manufacturers, System integrators, Engineering contractors/Consultants, Plant owners.

Normative Bases For Management Systems For Functional Safety

The introduction of a functional safety management system is regulated in the superordinate standard DIN EN 61508. It covers all safety-related systems that contain E/E/PE components and the failure of which means a significant risk for people and the environment. Its scope extends from the conception to the decommissioning or deinstallation of such systems and describes in detail the way to their functional safety. within the framework of IEC 61508, IEC 61511.

Functional Safety Assessment and Audit - How can we help you

• Support regarding the application of EU conformity assessment procedures
• Review of the hazard and risk assessment
• Review of security concepts
• Review of specifications and requirements
• Review of concept and design analysis
• Review of responsibilities and qualifications of staff
• Verification of the selected risk minimization measures before, during and after the planning of machines and systems
• Verification of the quantitative evidence for the suitability of the protection systems (SIL calculations) or the safety-related parts of the machines
• Validation of the selected risk reduction measures before commissioning and after changes to machines and systems, including the evaluation of the selection of process-side connections (during and after implementation)
• Recurring testing of the protective devices during the operating phase to maintain functional safety
• Testing after decommissioning of protective devices to ensure that affected functions do not remain in operation

Functional Safety ASSESSMENT & CERTIFICATION SERVICES in accordance with iec 61511/iec 61508

Our audit and certification services are based on these requirements, and we support companies in developing a compliant functional safety management system and processes according to the requirements of the international standards in the FuSa domain.
Our experts work closely with your team to meet the requirements of standards IEC61508/IEC 61511.
Our services include:
• Assessment of existing systems for suitability from the perspective of safety engineering
• Functional Safety Gap Analysis
• Functional Safety System Audit
• Functional Safety (Project) Audit
• Functional safety Management system Process certificate
• After successful completion of functional safety system audit for general functional safety management, system/hardware functional safety management, software functional safety management and FSM Audit (project specific), organizations will be provided a accredited certification on compliance for functional safety management.

Functional Safety Assessment And Audit –Your benefits

  • Gain legal certainty: Understanding the technical guidelines, regulations and standards. You can therefore rely on the safe, legally compliant design of your machines and components in all respects.
  • Improve quality and profitability: Our experts identify weak points at an early stage. Expensive repairs and failures are avoided.
  • Save time: Coordinate and support the entire process. So you can continue to devote yourself fully to your core competencies.

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