Certified Data Centre

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

What is a Certified Data Centre?

Digitalisation has led to enormous data generation requiring comprehensive facilities and modern technologies for which efficient data centre infrastructure management and security are of prime importance. Businesses depend on the reliability and availability of data centres to ensure that their IT operations function securely and uninterruptedly. Data Centre centralises an organisation’s IT operations stores, shares and manages data. Data centre compliance is critical to its functioning.

Certified Data Centre is a TÜV SÜD certification covering IT infrastructure aspects (power, air conditioning, fire protection, EM/lightning protection) as well as the building, processes and operations (documentation, risk analysis, countermeasures, continuous improvement and more). The services provided by the data centre are not within the scope of the certification.

TÜV SÜD Certified Data Centre covers IT infrastructure aspects like power, environment conditioning, fire protection, EM/lightning protection, building, processes and operations including documentation, risk analysis, countermeasures, continuous improvement and more. The core IT services provided by the data centre are not covered within the scope of this certification.

Data Centre Certification Standards

By choosing TÜV SÜD for your Data Centre Certification needs, you partner with a global network of multidisciplinary experts, accredited laboratories, and offices. We bring you 150+ years of safety, security, and sustainability expertise to help you manage risks and access global markets through a portfolio of technical solutions.

Why is data centre certification important?

A certified data centre shows customers, businesses and regulators your IT infrastructure services are secure and trustworthy. Customers want assurance that their data will be kept safe, will not be physically damaged by fire or other disasters, and will also be protected in line with the strictest security standards. In addition, data centre compliance demonstrates that your services have been audited and assessed, thereby giving customers utmost confidence.


TÜV SÜD is focused on supporting its customers with results that enhance the quality and availability of their data centres. As your trusted data centre certification partner, we ensure that the security and reliability of your data centre remain our top priority. Our data centre certification provides customers with confidence that they offer reliable and secure data centre capabilities, both in terms of operation and IT infrastructure. In addition, data centre audit services from a third party will provide an independent and objective assessment of weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

TÜV SÜD offers certification for data centre based on the European standard EN 50600. The EN 50600 certification adopts a holistic approach that covers all aspects of data centre facilities and infrastructures. Furthermore, it validates international benchmarking and creates a reliable basis of trust.

TÜV SÜD is known internationally as a leading testing and certification body, and we have extensive and specialised expertise in auditing IT security processes, data centre operation and processes such as power management and redundancy. We are well-versed in data centre operations and IT infrastructure management, and our multidisciplinary specialists can produce reports, certification and point out areas for improvement.

Our reputation enables us to provide international recognition through the TÜV SÜD certification mark, which you can use to display your commitment to quality. We also provide a full suite of IT security infrastructure services under one roof as well as testing against ISO security standards, enabling you to save time and costs by working with a single partner.

We offer a complete testing and certification service against international regulations such as PCI and ISO 27001 – as well as our own Certified Data Centre certificate.

Benefits of Data Centre Certification

Data centre certification offers numerous advantages:

• It oversees all aspects of physical facilities, takes into account infrastructure design, forecasting and operational management
• It provides transparency on the security and availability of data centres, establishing a framework of trust for operators, users and other stakeholders
• It offers critical advantages to planners, decision-makers and operators as it can be aligned to the needs of a specific business
• It enables the cost-optimised forecasting of projects with logical and traceable data centre audits carried out within the scope of the certification process

Data Centre Certification Process

The general process flow of TÜV SÜD's certification cycle:

• Preliminary Assessment/Pre-audit
• Document review
• Design review
• Implementation Review
• Assessment of system implementation  
• Certification & Preparation of Assessment report
• Surveillance audit after one year with a focus on the organisation
• Surveillance audit after 2 years with a focus on Infrastructure
• Re-certification audit after 3 years for complete monitoring of all requirements and leads to a new certificate with 3-year validity

EN50600 Data Centre Certification

Since 2015, designers, constructors and operators in Europe have been able to rely on the EN 50600 standard for guidance. The document pursues a holistic approach to data-centre design, construction and operation. The new ISO/IEC 22237 standard now adopts this approach and elevates EN 50600 to international level, enabling data centres to be planned, built and operated worldwide according to identical principles. This provides planners designers with the necessary clarity regarding the requirements and promotes tenants’ trust in the availability of data centres and the quality of their management processes; it thus also protects investments in the further expansion of this important infrastructure. 

A data centre in accordance with ISO/IEC 22237 must meet clear requirements with respect to availability, security ratings and energy efficiency, all of which must be considered right from the design and construction stage. These requirements have been defined in the seven parts of the standard:

ISO/IEC 22237-1: General concepts

ISO/IEC TS 22237-2: Building construction

ISO/IEC 22237-3: Power supply and distribution

ISO/IEC 22237-4: Environmental control

ISO/IEC TS 22237-5: Telecommunications cabling infrastructure

ISO/IEC TS 22237-6: Security systems

ISO/IEC TS 22237-7: Management and operation

Parts 1, 3 and 4 have already been published. The other parts are available in the form of Technical Specifications (TS) and will be published gradually over the coming years. The crucial advantage of certification in accordance with ISO/IEC 22237 is that a single certificate covers the entire infrastructure – including definition of measurable KPIs and requirements for operational management and energy efficiency. This is efficient, enables international comparisons to be drawn and establishes a solid contractual basis.

From preparation and pre-audits up to certification, TÜV SÜD supports the implementation of ISO/IEC 22237 and EN 50600. We have a global network of experts for all issues related to these standards, from design review to quality assurance. We are also part of the EN standardization committee.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is data centre testing mandatory?

    Data centre testing may not be mandatory, but data centre certification is important because it shows customers, businesses and regulators that your IT infrastructure is secure and trustworthy. Customers want assurance that their data will be kept safe, will not be physically damaged by fire or other disasters, and will also be protected in line with the highest security standards.

  • How many certifications are available for a data centre?

    TÜV SÜD offers a complete testing and certification service against international regulations such as PCI and ISO 27001 – as well as our own Certified Data Centre certificate.

    We offer certified data centre services as below:
    - EN50600 (IS TS 22237) - Data Centre design, infrastructure operation
    - Confirmation of compliance with tier - classes / TIA 942:2010

  • What is the validity of a data centre certification?

    The validity of a data centre testing certification is for 3 years.

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