It's a LTE world

White paper

White paper

How can you prepare for the LTE world?

With LTE leading the 4G charge into a new era of mobility, businesses and consumers are exploring new ways for improving convenience, socialising, and doing business. Some frontrunners are even changing the way we live, play and work with innovations that transform everyday items into informational devices. The strong interest in 4G has accelerated its migration and increased its shaping in our everyday lives. But these LTE benefits do come with costs. This white paper examines the new challenges that LTE brings to mobile manufacturers, mobile companies and consumers. It also takes a closer look at its impact on testing and certification, and discusses what manufacturers need to do to get past these hurdles and ensure stricter deadlines are never missed. The article concludes with a look at the increasingly important role that partners play in ensuring that testing and certification efforts do not get derailed. You will also learn how partnering companies like TÜV SÜD can hone your competitiveness and offer intangible advantages by giving you access to deep expertise and strong global experience.

Why download the white paper?

  • Understand the implications of the LTE revolution
  • Find out how to meet testing and certification regulation requirements for your LTE products

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