Machinery supplier qualification for a sustainable supply chain

Supplier management and supply chain services




With the onset of the current crisis, supply chain management is now more important than ever. As organisations enter new markets, compelled to identify new suppliers and deal with suppliers and customers more locally, their supply chains become more vulnerable and pose a higher risk to business continuity. To mitigate supply chain risks resulting from increased supply chain complexity, decreasing access to information, and greater demand for higher quality in a shorter time, all at a lower cost, effective management of supplier relationships is essential on a global scale. 

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Bratin RoyMr. Bratin Roy

Vice President, Industry Service, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa Region (ASMEA)

Responsible for Industry Service business of TÜV SÜD in the South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. As a head of business operation, he is leading four multi discipline team of energy; Chemical and process industry; oil and gas; 

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