Geothermal Bankability

Maximise the bankability of geothermal projects



Making the right investment decision starts with understanding all the risks.

The high upfront costs and risks involved in exploration and drilling for geothermal energy has often deterred investments, dampening the growth of the stable and clean energy resource. As governments and international organisations offer more incentives to harness geothermal power, potential investors and planners need to ensure that they make the right investment decisions.

This starts with a comprehensive analysis of all the risks involved in a geothermal project from conception to operation and ensuring that they are accounted for in the financial projections.

TÜV SÜD recommends adopting a risk-based approach during feasibility studies and technical due diligence to maximise the bankability of a geothermal project.

In this webinar, our experts guide you through the risk-based methodology we adopt and real case studies of the geothermal risks that we have mitigated. 

key topics that will be covered:

  • Risk-based methodology in conducting feasibility studies and technical due diligence

  • Real-life case studies of risks in early project and operational phases

  • Mitigation measures for common risks in geothermal projects

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