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Data-driven Operational Excellence (OPEX 4.0) in the chemical industry

On-demand Webinar

On-demand Webinar

Increasing competition for energy and resources as well as changing expectations and regulations demand agile, sustainable, and smarter production plants. In addition, safety, integrity, and economic efficiency are critical to remaining competitive and resilient. In this context, big data analytics and the smart industry can take operational excellence to a whole new level

This webinar will provide an insight into, how with data-driven Operational Excellence (OPEX 4.0), you can make fast, informed, and evidence-based decisions that allow you to produce at an operating point that perfectly matches your current market situation. 

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  • Introduction to Operational Excellence 4.0 (OPEX 4.0)
  • Examples of big data and AI applications for OPEX 4.0
  • Key features and benefits of data-driven process optimization
  • In-depth discussion of an OPEX 4.0 use case from the chemical industry
  • Q & A Session

About the speaker

Thomas Froese
Managing Director - atlan-tec Systems GmbH

Thomas Froese is the Managing Director of atlan-tec Systems GmbH, a leading company for advanced big data analytics and data-driven operational excellence (OPEX 4.0) in the process industry.

He is a chemical engineer with more than three decades of experience and expertise in Smart Industry and AI-based process optimization.

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