Insights on Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Preparedness



Data privacy assessment is an end to end risk assessment of the organisation business processes and planning implementation roadmap through detailed assessment methodology which covers the following points like introduction to PDPA, Scope and applicability of PDPA, Data privacy preparedness or assessment, Road map green-light, implement/ operationalize and monitoring and maintenance.

About PDPA:

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 was tabled in the Indian Parliament by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology on 11th  December 2019. As of 17th December 2019 the Bill is being analyzed by a Joint Parliamentary Committee in consultation with various groups.
The purpose of THE PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION BILL, 2019 BILL is to provide for protection of the privacy of individuals relating to their personal data, specify the flow and usage of personal data. The objective is to create a relationship of trust between persons and entities processing the personal data, protect the rights of individuals whose personal data are processed, to create a framework for organizational and technical measures in processing of data.


The right to privacy is a fundamental right and it is necessary to protect personal data as an essential facet of informational privacy. The  growth of the digital economy has expanded the use of data as a critical means of communication between persons; hence, it is necessary to create a collective culture that fosters a free and fair digital economy, respecting the information privacy of individuals and ensuring empowerment, progress and innovation through digital governance. TÜV SÜD has a team of certified privacy professionals who have vast experiences in data protection assignments like EU-GDPR , Singapore Personal Data Protection Act , California Consumer Privacy Act  (CCPA). We can help you in your data protection journey, privacy framework, impact assessment and flexible resource models. Over 270 clients globally for Data protection services alone, in the past one-two years. Credibility of TÜV SÜD being an independent and impartial advisor and auditor. Acceptance of TÜV SÜD validation across the globe, especially in UK & Europe region. TÜV SÜD not only assess & implement current state, it also prepares you for your future vision & growth.

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  • Objective and applicability of The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019
  • Key business benefits of Data Protection Bill, 2019
  • Key challenges in complying with the Data Protection Bill, 2019
  • Key entities in Data Protection Bill, 2019
  • Legal framework 
  • Organisation obligations 
  • Applicable penalties
  • Simplify the implementation of the Data Protection Bill, 2019


Gap Assessment: Determine the readiness and current state of PDPA for your organisation & identify the gaps & risks associated

PDPA Roadmap & Implementation Consulting: Implement the policies & controls to reduce the gap to achieve PDPA readiness compliance

Validation: Evaluate your organisation's compliance to PDPA

PDPA Training: Conduct trainings for the stakeholders & teams that handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Monitor & Maintain: Audit of policies and compliance to processing.

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