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Career Conversation - Manipal Institute of Technology in Discussion with Niranjan Nadkarni

Powering the Future with TÜV SÜD: Episode #1

Powering the Future with TÜV SÜD: Episode #1

Thinking Ahead with TUV SUD Leadership Podcast Series

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As budding professionals get prepared to be a part of the ‘global workforce’, they must take cognizance of the factors that will affect their career trajectory. The need for them is to take ownership and develop a strategy for their career, that empowers them to navigate through the fast-paced, ever-changing and connected work environment. An environment that not only brings in uncertainties but opportunities too.

In this inaugural episode on career conversations, Mr. Niranjan Nadkarni, CEO - ASEAN, South Asia, Middle East & Africa Region, TÜV SÜD and alumnus of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), is in discussion with Prof. Vittaleshwar A, Prof. Harish Kumar and Prof. Kini from MIT.


  • At 01:49 min – Preparing for your placement sessions 
  • At 04:26 min – 6 key time-tested factors for a sustained successful career
  • At 06:52 min – Harnessing changes and seizing opportunities - benefitting from linear to non-linear growth opportunities
  • At 08:17 min – Tipping Point - specialization v/s generalization - making the right decision at the right time
  • At 11:53 min – What it takes to be recession proof?
  • At 14:11 min – Changing times - you are a part of global workforce not national / local workforce
  • At 20:23 min – Embracing diversity is key, not only for the success of an organization but for your career too
  • At 21:38 min – 5 priorities that never change for a CEO that you must know


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