TÜV Italia certifies Gender Equality for L'Oréal Italia

12 February 2024

The accredited body TÜV Italia has certified that L'Oréal Italia is a company that complies with the requirements of the Gender Equality Guideline under the UNI/PdR 125:2022 reference practice.

ts-pr-tuev-sued-certified-lorealL'Oréal Italia has achieved certification on Gender Equality issued by the accredited body TÜV Italia for its organization. L'Oréal Italia has always been committed against all types of employment discrimination by promoting a culture of fairness and equal pay at work. In order to demonstrate its actual commitment, L'Oréal Italia has decided to undergo vali-dation by an independent and accredited body.

TÜV Italia's certification therefore certifies that the company complies with the requirements of the UNI/PdR 125:2022 standard published on March 16, 2022, which outlined the requirements for Gender Equality Certification and is referred to in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP) specifically in Mission M5: Inclusion and Cohesion.

The concepts of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), in which gender equality is embedded, are emerging globally as pivotal principles within organizations, as a fundamental feature of the work environment and as a pillar of CSR and sustainability strategies in order to improve reputation and resilience. TÜV Italia has issued the UNI PDR 125 certification verifying that L'Oréal Italia ensures compliance with gender equality requirements under the UNI/PdR 125:2022 reference practice in the work environment.

TÜV Italia carried out a compliance assessment by verifying quantitative and qualitative indicators in the following six assessment areas: Culture and Strategy, Governance, HR Processes, Opportunities for Women's Growth and Inclusion in the Company, Gender Pay Equity, Parental Protection, and Work-Life Balance.

"We are pleased to have obtained certification for this important milestone," commented Manuela Pardini, HR Director L'Oréal Italia. "It is an achievement that recognizes our ongoing commitment to promoting equality in every context, constantly raising awareness among our employees, developing opportunities for growth, guaranteeing equal pay and creating conditions that value diversity. We are proud to have obtained this prestigious certification, which photographs a state of affairs that has seen us at the forefront of these issues for years."

Confirming this commendable direction, Anna Sara, UNI/PdR 125 Technical Coordinator for TÜV Italia said: "The company's effort and attitude in developing an inclusive and value-friendly work environment is highlighted. An important work of training, internal communication and awareness on gender difference and its value on stereotypes and unconscious bias was recognized."

In the attached photo, from left: Stefano Portelli, Sales Coordinator of the Business Assurance Division of TÜV Italia, Francesca Mottola,Talent Acquisition and DE&I Specialist, Manuela Pardini HR Director L'Oréal Italia, Marco Vasario GM Professional Products Division L'Oréal Italia, Sabrina Zapperi, Marketing & Communication Manager of TÜV Italia.

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Press-contact: Dirk Moser-Delarami

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