Combustion and Heating Systems

Combustion and Heating Systems

Construct safe, smart and sustainable buildings

Construct safe, smart and sustainable buildings

Where optimizing installations and improving safety and availability are the goals, an integrated approach to systems and processes is called for. At TÜV SÜD, we know exactly what is important.
Our combustion and heating experts have long-standing experience in solving safety and functional issues related to combustion, heating and flue gas systems. We hold numerous accreditations as a testing, inspection and certification body in this field. By participating in national and international standardization projects, we support industry in its efforts to develop appropriate codes and standards.

Why ARE combustion and heating systems important?

During the development of new products and systems, today’s manufacturers of combustion and heating components, products and systems need to consider many requirements. In view of globally changing markets and ever shorter development cycles, manufacturers are striving to strengthen their competitiveness and expand their market positions by offering highly efficient and profitable products. At the same time, manufacturers also need to comply with increasingly complex technical standards and legal requirements for combustion and heating products and systems from the initial concept to the design and production phases.

What ARE our combustion and heating systems services?

Our Centre of Competence for Combustion and Heating Systems will be happy to assist you as your expert partner with your

  • heaters and heating appliances

o heating boilers for gaseous, liquid and solid fuels

o space heaters for gaseous liquid and solid fuels

o LPG, cooking and grilling appliances

o CHP and fuel-cell heating systems

o gas-fired unit heater, 

o burners for gaseous, liquid and solid fuels

  • industrial furnaces and pressure equipment

o thermal process systems

o steam boilers

o biogas plants

o gas turbines

o CHP and gas-flare system

  • accessories and safety controls

o accessories used for regulating, controlling and monitoring combustion

o accessories for the control and monitoring of fuel, water and steam

o accessories to control and monitor water and steam in pressure equipment

o accessories for chimneys, safety controls for industrial furnaces

  • chimneys and components for chimneys

o metal chimneys

o concrete chimneys

o ceramic chimneys

o plastic system chimney products

o accessories for chimneys

We offer support in the following areas helping you to meet the applicable requirements, ensure safety and reliability and inspire trust among your customers:

  • Design examination
  • Testing in the design and development stage
  • Type testing
  • Unit verification
  • Product certification
  • Product monitoring and surveillance of production training and workshops

Why choose TÜV SÜD?

With a pool of experts boasting decades of experience in combustion and heating systems, we can offer ideal third-party support for you and your requirements. All our services are based on up-to-date and applicable national, European and international codes and standards, e.g.: DIN standards, EN standards, ISO standards, IEC standards other as well other codes and standards, such as VdTÜV, DVGW, DIBT.

Our tests support the proof of conformity with the following European rules

  • Regulation (EU) 426/2016 (EU Regulation on appliances burning gaseous fuel)
  • 2014/68/EU (EU Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • 2014/30/EU (EU EMC Directive)
  • 2014/35/EU (EU Low Voltage Directive)
  • Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 (EU Construction Products Regulation)
  • 2009/125/EC (Ecodesign Directive)
  • 2017/1369/EU (Eco Design Labbeling)

Download an overview of our service portfolio for Firing and Heating Technology here.

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