Building Systems

Build a safe and reliable environment

Build a safe and reliable environment


Designers, installers, building owners and operators are faced with the challenge of ensuring the safety, cost effectiveness and availability of their building systems. This includes building facilities such as ventilation and air-conditioning systems, sanitary and heating systems, refrigeration systems, smoke and heat extraction units, fire-fighting equipment and fire barriers as well as building automation systems.


Working in teams, our experts from different engineering fields are well placed to support you to solve the most complex problems and even detect potential issues early in the planning and installation process. 


  • Comprehensive consulting services addressing the effectiveness, safety, energy demand and sound protection of all building services installations
  • Planning of smoke extraction and evacuation by means of mathematical models
  • Preparation of comprehensive fire-safety schemes for buildings (fire prevention, fire fighting, organisational fire safety)
  • Assessing the hygiene of air-conditioning installations
  • Planning and assessment of health-sector and industrial cleanroom installations
  • Assessment of networking between building automation and safety systems
  • Facility management for building services installations (analysis and optimization)
  • Energy-performance assessment for buildings and installations (determination of comparative data, management of operating costs)
  • Preparation of maintenance and test programs
  • Consulting on meeting Building Code requirements

Testing and Inspection

  • Technical audits
  • Pre-commissioning and periodic testing and inspection of building facilities
  • Acceptance testing of building services installations
  • Quality assurance in the construction phase
  • Assessment of building and installation assessment


  • Hygiene training for employees


  • Access multi-disciplinary engineering know-how through a single partner
  • Avoid expensive reworking, faults and downtime through identification of faults or potential failures at an early stage
  • Create a trusted brand that delivers on service availability and safety

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