NUMoS: Vehicle monitoring software for used car dealers

Monitor your KPIs and get transparency of figures in your used car business

Monitor your KPIs and get transparency of figures in your used car business

What is a vehicle monitoring software?

A vehicle monitoring software tool is used to manage and provide analysis of relevant information on the used cars on hold and sold at regional, national and international level.

NUMoS, our in-house National Used car Monitoring System, is a web-based tool that allows you to monitor your company figures in the used car business and helps you to take targeted measures for range planning and increase your profits.

Why is it important to have a used car monitoring software?

In a fully digitised world, having a tool that allows you to monitor and analyse your used car business figures completely digitally is essential for success. NUMoS gives you the transparency of figures you need to rank your car dealership in the market. This is because, in practice, there is often no information available on vehicle assortment, days on the road, gross revenues and repair costs. Price adjustments and assortment design are often based on gut instinct and not adapted to the market.

With just a few clicks, the tool gives you a transparent and detailed overview of all relevant KPIs that reflect the economic situation of your used car department, helping you to manage your used car business more efficiently to generate greater profits.

Screenshot of a graph from the used vehicle monitoring software NUMoS

 Another screenshot of NUMoS

The main features of NUMoS in detail

Our vehicle monitoring software NUMoS is intuitive and easy to use. The software evaluates your sales and inventory data, compares these data with benchmark values and contrast them finally with your target figures. With the help of clearly designed graphics and tables, you can recognise deviations from your plan at an early stage and can react more quickly to the market and optimise your used car assortment in line with the market. This gives you a decisive competitive edge.

The advantages of NUMoS at a glance

  • Fully web-based online tool (no software or installation required)
  • Access to data at any time and from anywhere
  • Easy data import via interface to your dealer management system or via e-mail
  • Transparent company figures
  • Comparison of current figures with target figures and benchmark values
  • Overview of all relevant KPIs
  • Clear graphics and tables
  • User-specific evaluations
  • Arbitrary filtering of different criteria
  • Multiple locations in one tool
  • Optimisation of used car assortment planning
  • Fast detection of deviations from plan
  • Fast market adjustment

With the vehicle monitoring software NUMoS, you can add further momentum to your used car business. Optimise your inventory management by streamlining the monitoring process to achieve higher profits.

Would you like to learn more about NUMoS? Check out the video below to learn more about the tool: 

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