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E-mobility and EV solutions

Our holistic approach to e-mobility services to ensure the safety and quality of electric vehicles

Our holistic approach to e-mobility services to ensure the safety and quality of electric vehicles

What is e-mobility and what kind of services are related?

Climate change and global warming are creating a need for radical changes how we consume energy. Government regulations to reduce carbon emissions drive the demand for alternative fuel vehicles. Powered by batteries or fuel cells, electric vehicles are the future of road transport.

To date, the electric drivetrain marks the most advanced road transportation technology and is ready to become the global future of transport. The term e-mobility represents this important change in the automotive industry.

E-mobility solutions like electric cars, e-bikes, e-motorbikes, e-buses, and e-trucks, can store energy on board and are either entirely or partially powered by electricity. Plugging an electric vehicle into a charging station allows it to draw power from the grid.

These new vehicle energy models translate into exploring of new territories in electric powertrain technology and interconnectivity and interdependency of various automotive components. Due to this, the automotive industry needs strong technical support in the form of e-mobility solutions to ensure that their products, systems, and components perform correctly, are safe, meet international regulatory standards, and meet the highest quality.

E-mobility services support you in component and system testing and certification, full-vehicle homologation, compliance, benchmarking, and various training services.

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Why are e-mobility services important?

The fast development of alternative fuels has led to increasing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles, a trend that will continue to grow in the coming years. Through e-mobility, we can switch from using fossil fuels that emit CO2 to using energy from electrical power sources that are recharged via the electrical grid. Electromobility will lead to a cleaner, healthier, and more accessible future for everyone by decarbonising the transportation sector.

As your one-stop service provider for all your e-mobility vehicle services and needs, we offer EV mobility solutions from production facility audits, functional safety assessments, and global market access to complete vehicle and component testing, certification, homologation, and training. We support you in ensuring the effective adoption of electric vehicle technologies in global markets.  

By working together with us you will gain various benefits:

  • Charging station for e-mobility with several electric cars chargingEnsure that all your new technologies, products and infrastructure are safe, reliable, and meet the highest level of quality by fulfilling the specifications and requirements of the industry and international standards.
  • Develop safe and sustainable solutions to ensure long-term and scalable growth by working with a team of multidisciplinary experts with extensive expertise in the areas of automotive infrastructure, battery and alternative energy concepts.
  • Minimise risk and optimise your product designs during the development process.
  • Meet industry and regulatory requirements to facilitate a smooth entry into new markets.

TÜV SÜD is your one-stop service partner for the efficient development of e-mobility solutions and products

Electric transportation will help balance the need for energy, energy storage, and environmental sustainability. Less than 1% of all vehicle sales in India go toward the electric vehicle sector, which is far behind. Indian roads are currently dominated by conventional vehicles, with only a small number of electric cars—a few thousand—and about 0.4 million electric two-wheelers.


TÜV SÜD has extensive global experience in e-mobility solutions. We provide a full range of e-mobility services to help you meet the safety requirements of electric vehicles. Our EV Mobility solutions cover all aspects of the process, from design to development. With our globally accredited laboratories (DIN EN 

Image illustrating the main components of an electric vehicleISO/IEC 17025) we assist you in testing your products and overcoming existing challenges.


Backed by a century of automotive safety experience, TÜV SÜD serves as a one-stop facilitator for the safe implementation of EV solutions, from the earliest blueprints to market commercialisation. We provide a comprehensive range of EV solutions that address the vehicle, battery, and infrastructure aspects of e-mobility.


We support our customers from the first step and through the entire development phase – guiding them with our expertise, testing capabilities and knowledge of global standards and market requirements. Across our various global battery and integrated e-mobility laboratories in Europe, North America and Asia, our global expert teams support you in developing safe, reliable and high-quality e-Mobility products and components. Together, we are determined to keep paving the way for a successful electrification of our transport system.


TÜV SÜD’s E-mobility Services

Image illustrating the main components of a hybrid cell vehicle.

TÜV SÜD offers a broad portfolio of EV testing methods and solutions for battery, fuel cell, electric and hybrid vehicles and their infrastructures. Our experts collaborate with battery suppliers, fuel cell system providers, vehicle manufacturers and infrastructure developers to ensure compliance with international standards and flawless interoperability of products.

We provide knowledge, testing, inspection and certification services that ensure your products meet all requirements and regulations.

As a one-stop service provider, we provide electric vehicle testing and certification services, such as:

  • Component and system testing
  • Component certification
  • Full-vehicle homologation and compliance services
  • Benchmarking

We provide those services for various components and advanced energy storage devices and systems for all types of vehicles, including:

  • Secondary batteries
  • Battery units
  • Supercapacitors
  • Inverters
  • Electric motors
  • Charging units
  • Other electric vehicle components and systems

We support you along the whole e-mobility value chain – from production facility audits, functional safety assessments, and global market access to complete vehicle and component testing, electric vehicle certification and homologation. In addition, our specialised training programmes prepare your employees to work according to the latest safety standards. Our e-mobility solutions portfolio includes:

Battery production solutions

We offer solutions to support you along the whole battery production lifecycle. As the right technical partner for machinery and safety requirements for battery plant owner, TÜV SÜD is the one point of contact between plant owner and suppliers to facilitate seamless communication. We provide continuous status reporting of compliance fulfilment and gap analysis to help you to achieve sustainable battery production according to existing compliance and safety standards.

Battery testing services

Our experts focus on R&D testing to support customers right from the start to develop safe EV batteries, and we can provide safe and clean testing conditions – even for abuse and destructive testing. We support you with battery testing in all performance classes according to current and emerging standards including battery testing in the car, failure analysis after testing, and further customised testing procedures according to your individual needs.

Charging infrastructure services

We provide services that ensure the quality, safety and interoperability of your charging infrastructure. Our experts test and certify the electric vehicle charging equipment according to relevant standards and provide results which help customers improve their current product design.

Hydrogen and fuel-cell systems services

As your reliable and experienced partner, we provide testing and certification of fuel cell systems and high-pressure hydrogen gas components. We support our customers by performing technical tests of individual components, sub-assemblies and entire vehicles and by certifying your components according to the relevant national and international standards.

Full-vehicle homologation and compliance services

We support you right from the beginning in the preparation of your highly automated and connected driving technologies for type approval to bring your vehicles and / or systems to global markets. With our global network we can streamline your homologation process for your electric battery vehicles, systems and components.


We provide holistic support for compliance of interconnected components and intelligent software solutions according to relevant and global safety requirements. Services covering all safety aspects of electric vehicle development, such as electrical, mechanical, chemical and functional safety, passive and active safety as well as cybersecurity aspects.

High voltage safety education and training

TÜV SÜD offers a wide range of global trainings to train your staff to avoid any accidents related to high voltage systems and to enable them to work safely with such products. Our experts support you in ensuring that your staff is working safely, while simultaneously ensuring that your products are meeting the highest electrical safety standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is E mobility solutions?

    The idea of using electric powertrain technologies, in-vehicle information and communication technologies, and connected infrastructures to enable the electric propulsion of vehicles and fleets is known as electro-mobility (or e-Mobility). For e-mobility to function and advance, EV solutions for battery, fuel cell, electric, and hybrid vehicles, as well as their infrastructures, are essential. By 2030, switching to electric mobility will enable India to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost one gigatonne.

  • What are e-mobility services?

    Services for various components and cutting-edge energy storage devices and systems for all types of vehicles are included in the category of "e-mobility services," in addition to knowledge, testing, inspection, and certification services that guarantee your products comply with all requirements and regulations. Battery testing, charging infrastructure, and overall safety are some additional services that help you meet the safety requirements of electric vehicles.

  • What is the advantage of e mobility?

    EV mobility solutions have several benefits, one of which is that it enhances people's quality of life by not emitting harmful gases. Additionally, because electric vehicles lack combustion engines, they don't emit as many greenhouse gases, aiding in the effort to combat the effects of climate change.


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