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Gas, Water and Steam Turbines

Services for turbine generator sets from a single source

Services for turbine generator sets from a single source

Increasing competition and rising fuel prices represent major challenges for the efficient and reliable operation of power stations. High quality and safe, standard-compliant design of the turbine – the heart of the power station – is the key to market success.



We are highly experienced and can advice you in engineering, construction and operation of stationary gas, water and steam turbines. Furthermore, we can support you to increase the economic viability of your business, reduce outage times and avoid events of damage or loss.


  • Conformity assessment in accordance with the relevant international regulations, e.g. the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (CE Declaration of Conformity)
  • Quality control during production
  • Auditing of manufacturers and suppliers
  • Support during commissioning
  • Optimisation of maintenance measures / supervision of overhauls
  • Optimisation of cost and energy efficiency
  • Assessment of machinery condition / technical due diligence
  • Testing of performance, vibration and steam purity
  • Strength and fatigue life analysis
  • Systematic defect and failure analysis / Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Third-party damage assessment, also as expert witness
  • Support on service life extension and retrofitting

Your benefits at a glance

  • Ensure quality and functioning: Our experts identify weaknesses at an early stage, ensuring the required manufacturing quality and thus avoiding expensive reworking and downtime.
  • Protect your investments: We deliver impartial assessment of your planned investment project, and thus provide a sound basis for your decision making.
  • Improve operational safety and cost-effectiveness: We identify opportunities for improvement and work with you to develop customised solutions for improved efficiency and longer service life.
  • Ensure certainty: Our failure analyses reliably uncover the causes of failure.
  • Save money: Our witness reports on failure and damage help to avoid long and costly court proceedings.
  • Obtain support across the world: We have representation in all major economic areas of the world and are familiar with the local requirements there.


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