Wind Farm Asset Optimisation Services

Optimise plant availability and reliability over its lifetime

Optimise plant availability and reliability over its lifetime

What are wind farm asset optimisation services?

Asset optimisation is the methodology used to achieve a client’s strategic plan by optimally and sustainably managing assets relating to their performance, risks and expenditures over their lifetime.

How do I prepare for operation and asset management?

During the project’s development phase, you need to develop clear objectives in terms of asset performance, risk management and financial returns over a finite period. This enables you to develop and implement a strategy to achieve said objectives.


Each decision made during the development, design or construction phase can have a significant impact on the wind project’s operation and maintainability. Ultimately, this can influence the entire lifespan of the asset. Selecting and implementing the right O&M and optimisation strategy can help to minimise risk and maximise your return on investment.

How can TÜV SÜD help me optimise my wind farm operation?

With a strong focus on health, safety and quality, our team of experienced specialists can help you to develop your organisational objectives and provide the necessary asset management & optimisation services. We also support you in preparing and implementing plans and organisational procedures to effectively monitor and control operations. Once your renewable energy asset commences commercial operation, our detailed knowledge of machine technology, algorithms, electrical distribution and SCADA systems allows for an independent performance review.


O&M strategy

Tailored services for projects of all types and sizes, onshore and offshore; from single generator projects to portfolios of multi-MW projects, with a strong focus on health, safety, sustainability and optimisation.

OPEX modelling

Early development phase OPEX budgets and modelling activities, refined through FEED, design and construction to create robust and dependable budgets that support the operations and asset strategy.


  • Operation readiness review
  • Preparation of project plans (including HSE policy, environmental policy, pollution response, HSE management, emergency and preparedness, HV safety rules and management)

Owner’s O&M representative

  • Owner’s representative during the O&M phase

Performance assessment

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  • Performance assessment
  • Power curve analysis 
  • Root cause & failure analysis
  • Inspection and on-site testing

Operations and Asset Management

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  • Asset management systems (in accordance with PAS55)
  • O&M monitoring and reporting (including scheduled service status, spare parts/major parts inventory, performance status, statutory inspections, site visits, revenue loss analysis, site optimisation recommendations and condition monitoring review)
  • Asset reporting (including asset performance, budgets, PPA, contracts administration, PPA admin, reports to banks, insurers and third parties)
  • Contract administration and invoicing
  • Analysis of SCADA data/warranty/LDs
  • Turbine in-service inspections/safety inspections
  • Downtime/MTBF/MTTR analysis
  • Major repair monitoring
  • OEM and O&AM contractor monthly report reviews
  • Local site management
  • OFTO interface management

End of warranty inspections

  • End of warranty/due diligence inspections
  • Extended life assessment


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