Transmission Life Cycle Services

Meeting the technical and qualitative project parameters

Meeting the technical and qualitative project parameters

Like most capital projects, transmission line projects also face key challenges during planning, procurement, construction and commissioning phases. The developers and investors often face some of the usual challenges such as statutory management, contractor interfaces, financing and contract disputes apart from project over run and quality issues. The financial impacts of such incidences are huge. Not only do they result in CapEx over runs but also in the loss of revenue due to delay in commercial operation. Apart from this, right of way has also become a perennial problem across stats leading to inordinate delays in project implementation. Land clearance, forest clearance, lack of modern construction technologies and project management tools are also some of the major challenges in the current era.

What is transmission life cycle service?

Transmission life cycle service includes complete support and advisory right from feasibility study to project planning, implementation and commercial operation. Entire life cycle has different areas of services including feasibility, statutory, engineering, procurement, construction, erection, testing, commissioning and commercial operation. TÜV SÜD’s expert advice and support in all the sections will support customers in handling the project most reliably and efficiently.

Why is inspection service Important ?

In the current business scenario, achieving good quality at lower cost within specific time period is difficult for any project. An expert and independent view on critical parameters and advice on each area of the project life cycle will ensure expected output and deliverables.

How CAN we help you ?

TÜV SÜD provides Transmission and Distribution (T&D) life cycle services to ensure that developers choose the right project and layout to put the Transmission Lines (TL) and get all kinds of support for each phase of the project life cycle. This helps the developers to execute the project as per requirement. We at TÜV SÜD are involved right from the planning stage of the project to the charging of the line. Our services cover feasibility and planning stage, design review, procurement stage, construction, commissioning, in-service support and refurbishing of TL.


    • Feasibility and planning - Our feasibility study, environment & risk assessment helps developers to plan the project considering realistic assessment of condition and associated risk. Our bankable report also helps to to arrange funding for the project.
    • Design review - We provide effective design review to evaluate and make sure that your design is optimum.
    • Procurement and supply chain - Our supply chain services and owners engineering services will ensure project execution with right technical specifications and project norms. We offer end-to-end supply chain services right from vendor qualification to final acceptance test.
    • Construction - Construction quality, safety precautions and timely completion are very important to deliver required output of the project. Our experts in this area will make sure that the project delivered will be best in quality and within time line.
    • Commissioning - We perform pre-commissioning and commissioning tests and offer independent execution and third-party supervision of performance testing for all substation components. We also ensure that ROW is clear and all your contractual conditions are met by your vendors and there is no delay in the start-up and synchronisation of the plant.
    • In-service inspection services - As a one-stop solution provider, we provide a comprehensive service portfolio delivered by certified in-service inspectors to meet your specific requirements.
    • Refurbishment - Our transmission experts also help during O&M activity, RCA and condition monitoring of the transmission line and substation.
    • Ensure secure investments – with realistic risk/benefit assessment for maximum predictability for investments, planning and use
    • Return on Investments – with our techno-economic viability study, a cost and time prediction will give you correct ROI to evaluate investment
    • Effective design management – to make sure your design is optimum for reducing the overall project cost
    • End-to-end procurement and contract management – to ensure that the materials are procured at right time with correct specification, in the best quality and in a reasonable rate
    • Effective project management and construction monitoring – to ensure that the construction proceeds safely and confirms to plan and specification
    • Benefit from our holistic approach – bases our in-depth knowledge of industry regulations on HSE, site acceptance document verification, and RCA of critical failures like damage of conductor, power leakage in distribution line, performance of SS equipment for increasing the life of T&D assets

Why choose TÜV SÜD?

TÜV SÜD’s end-to-end approach ensures effective & realistic planning and budgeting of the project. It helps in optimising route, layout and design and in quality and timely procurement. It also supports in safe, qualitative and timely construction. Our services help ensure trouble free commissioning, upgradation and adding value to your asset/s.


Transmission life cycle services

Meeting the technical and qualitative project parameters

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