Solar Performance Ratio Assessment

Solar Performance Ratio Assessment

Verify the real performance and availability levels of your PV power plant

Verify the real performance and availability levels of your PV power plant

What is Solar Performance Ratio Assessment?

Performance ratio assessment takes into consideration real meteorological inputs like solar radiation, temperature and environmental factors (snow, dust, ice) that affect a PV power plant. Reduced power production due to failures or maintenance is also factored into the assessment.


Why is performance ratio assessment important for a solar PV power plant?

Performance ratio assessment indicates the accurate production of your PV power plant and shows how energy efficient and reliable the plant is. The assessment enables you to determine the real potential of your PV power plant and find hidden system failures in order to obtain relevant information and maximise energy/ financial yield. Assessing the solar PV performance ratio allows you to compare the energy output of your plant with that of other installations or monitor the status of your plant over a prolonged period.


TÜV SÜD helps you improve your solar pv efficiency through accurate PV ratio calculations.

TÜV SÜD’s experts carry out direct and independent calculations to analyse the production of PV power plants. We also help to assess the meteorological data and geographical conditions of your PV power plant location.


Our Performance Ratio Assessment services include:

  • Performance ratio assessment

    TÜV SÜD compares simulated production and the value measured on the plant’s electrometer. Ideally, both values should match. Based on this comparison, we can determine if the PV power plant performs according to expectations or if the monitoring system is not working correctly.
  • Site assessment

    Our experts perform a site assessment that includes measuring solar access, evaluating influence from surroundings, identifying pollution sources and assessing soil suitability.
  • Energy yield assessment

    TÜV SÜD offers abridged expert assessment using standard PV components and system-related energy yield reduction factors. Our detailed expert assessment covers investment decisions and bankability. We provide a review of the energy yield from existing PV plants as well as root cause analyses in case of reduced energy yields.


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