Chlorate and Perchlorate testing in fruits and vegetables

Quality and safety parameters that comply with export regulations

Quality and safety parameters that comply with export regulations

Fruits and vegetables being a major commodity consumed both, in fresh and processed forms are one of the major products that are being exported. The local and import regulations to ensure the quality, raise significant concerning factors, including Chlorate and Perchlorate in fruits and vegetables.

Perchlorate occurs naturally in the environment and can enter the food chain through sources of soil and water. It is also known to penetrate it way through perishable goods, by degradation of sodium hypochlorite which is used as a disinfectant for cleaning of surfaces in food production premises or during production and processing.

The EU has regulated standards for Chlorate and Perchlorate in fruits, vegetables and herbal fruits infusions, in order to conform with export norms.


TÜV SÜD’s wide facility for assuring safety and quality of fruits and vegetables.

Our testing state-of the-art laboratory and qualitied team of experts support you with a plethora of testing services, including pesticide residue screening, micro biological testing, toxins / heavy metals and chemical quality testing as per FSSAI regulations, among several others. Further, our capability of testing as per import guidelines of major countries like EU/UK/FDA/USFDA /SFDA ensures compliance to regulatory norms.

For testing requirements of Chlorate and Perchlorate and / or any other testing requirements on fruits and vegetables, contact our experts today.

Our Approval and recognitions

  • EIC
  • Tea Board
  • BIS

Our Accreditations

  • ISO /IEC 17025
  • DAC, Dubai as per ISO /IEC 17021
  • DakkS Germany as per ISO /IEC 17021
  • NABCB as per ISO /IEC 17021

International regulations

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia
  • Japan Health Ministry
  • SFDA Saudi Food and Drug authority



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