Safe offshore crane operation training

Safe offshore crane operation training

Course Objectives:

To teach the basic skill requirements and associated job safety knowledge to personnel involved in offshore crane operations..

Duration of the Course:

  1. This course is of : 3 days (fresher)
  2. Two Days (Refresher) duration

Minimum Qualifications:

The minimum qualification that the participant must have

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Capable of reading and understanding the English language, basic knowledge of mathematics, sufficient for the performance as Crane Operator

Course Contents:

Day 1: Rigging and Slinging

  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Terms and definitions of various lifting/rigging terminology
  • Introduction to various types of slings (webbing slings, wire rope slings and chain slings)
  • Pre-use inspection of various types of slings
  • Rejection criteria of lifting accessories
  • Types of lifting hitches
  • Sling angles
  • Determining the slings capacity
  • Types of Shackles, eye bolts and hooks, chain block , turn buckles and their inspection
  • Proper lifting techniques
  • Communication and Hand Signals during Lifting
  • Hazards associated with lifting and cranes work
  • Lifting & Handling General Principles

Day 2: Offshore crane operation

  • Types of offshore cranes
  • Pre-use inspection
  • Safe operation with relation to weather condition and stability of vessels
  • Reading and using of RCI/LMI
  • Illustration of various components of offshore cranes
  • Crane’s (Wire rope, hook blocks) rejection criteria
  • Crane’s limit switches
  • Crane signals
  • Practical session

Day 3: Practical and theoretical examination

Validity of Certificate:

2 years

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