Training Workshop on ISO 29993:2017 Standard

Qualifying People - Developing Future

Qualifying People - Developing Future

About the workshop

ISO 29993:2017 standard specifies minimum requirements for learning services outside formal education. It includes all types of learning services provided by private organisations or individuals other than established formal systems of education. Vocational training, in-company training (outsourced and/or in-house), learning services addressed to learners as well as the program sponsors.

The focus of this highly interactive workshop will be to walk the participants through the standards to assess the alignment of organisational learning in accordance to ISO 29993:2017. In addition, the participants will also learn the key factors involved in achieving ROI for your critical people development interventions. This is essential for those who are responsible for ensuring the correct engagement and quality assurance of learning in the organisation, as well as utilizing mechanisms to maximize ROI.

your Benefits

At the end of this course, participating organisations will be able to

  • manage the training and development function to recognized International standards
  • improve efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of training programs and external providers
  • align business strategy to organisational development framework
  • assured quality assurance procedures to recognized international standards
  • improve cost and budgetary improvements and ROI
  • improve management of the training and development function

course content / outline

Day 1

Defining ISO 29993 – Quality Assurance of L&D to meet Business Needs

  • Strategy and organizational development
  • Planning for future skills and competencies
  • ISO Standard – Framework & structure
  • ISO 29993:2017 Standard Overview
  • Aligning L&D to business objectives
  • Creating Business Vase for training investment
  • Evaluation – Methods & Models

Day 2

Management of the L&D function to ISO 29993:2017 Standards

  • General information provision development
  • Training Needs Analysis: Requirements & Format
  • Design of the Learning Service
  • Sponsors and Learners: Requirements
  • Service delivery
    • Standards staff
    • Learning material
    • Learning
    • Environment

Facilitators: Standards, Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment of Learning

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Learning Service

training duration

02 Days (16 Hours)


The workshop will be followed by multiple choice test and certification to the participants.


Next Steps

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