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ISO 20400:2017 - Sustainable Procurement Lead Implementer Training

virtual classes schedule

8th - 10th April 2024: ISO 20400:2017 Sustainable Procurement Lead Implementer Training I Time: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

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Course description

ISO 20400:2017 offers businesses with guidelines on incorporating sustainability into procurement, as stated in ISO 26000. It is aimed for stakeholders who are involved in, or affected by, procurement choices and practices.

This course, led by an experienced educator, covers the ideas of sustainability and how to incorporate them into the procurement or purchase process. It applies to all businesses who want to raise their Sustainability consciousness into procurement function.

Course CONTENT/outline

The following topics will be covered in the course:

1. Introduction to the concept of ‘sustainable procurement’, principles and core subjects
2. Exploring the drivers for sustainable procurement
3. Key sustainability impacts and considerations
4. Overview of ISO 20400 standard as guidance for Sustainable Procurement
5. Integrating sustainability into procurement policy and strategy
6. Resolving potential conflicts
7. Organizing the procurement function towards sustainability
8. Integrating sustainability into the procurement process, including building on the existing process
9. Practical issues when using a sustainability criterion for supplier selection
10. Continually improvement of the Procurement Process to become Responsible & Sustainable

Learning Outcomes

By completing this training session, you will be able to enhance your skills to assist firms in incorporating sustainability into their procurement policies and processes. Furthermore, you will be able to assist a company in understanding the circumstances and management strategies necessary to effectively adopt and continuously improve sustainable procurement. Furthermore, by following ISO 20400 guidelines, you may assist firms in aligning their procurement procedures in a way that positively contributes to worker rights, legal environmental requirements, and social equity inside and throughout the supply chain.
Having an ISO 20400 certification will demonstrate that you have the requisite skills to assist firms in making more sustainable procurement decisions in terms of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

Who Should Attend

• Head/Senior Management team responsible for designing a sustainable procurement plan or sourcing strategy that incorporates sustainability.
• Purchasing employees who must consider sustainability when making purchases.
• Purchase team members who oversee developing specifications and need to understand how to include sustainability concerns into requirements.
• Contract managers who must monitor and manage suppliers' sustainability commitment.
• Other stakeholders (for example, supplier employees) that want to learn more about sustainable procurement or ISO 20400.
• Anyone who wants to know "why" organizations should engage in sustainable procurement.

Training Duration

3 Days / 24 Hrs. instructor-led classroom/live virtual training.

Exam Details

- No. of questions – 30 (including scenario-based questions, choose the best answer, summary questions)
- Total marks – 100
- Pass marks – 70
- Duration - 60 mins

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