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Sustainability Reporting in-line with the GRI Standards

Course Description

A company's strategy of reporting publicly its economic, environmental, and/or social impacts, and hence its positive or negative contributions to the pursuit of sustainable development, is known as sustainability reporting. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an international organization that spearheaded the advocacy of sustainability reporting, and its standard has been established as a global standard for businesses to embrace.

Adopting sustainable practices and promoting them to different stakeholders both need an understanding of how to generate reports utilizing the standard's guiding principles. With the help of the Sustainability Reporting Training, you may get practical knowledge on how to guide your business through this process and develop your capacity as a professional in the fields of sustainability and transparency.

Course CONTENT/outline

The following topics will be covered in the course:

• Understanding of GRI 2021 requirements and the GRI reporting system.
• Importance and steps to conduct stakeholder consultation and materiality analysis
• How to plan and create report with relevant contents
• Understanding various assurance methodologies and managing their requirements while preparing the report
• Linking the sustainability report to India's sustainability reporting in accordance with BRSR requirements

Learning Outcomes

The program will help businesses to set up the procedures and frameworks required to carry out stakeholder engagements, assess the inputs, and then build their sustainable development plan. The course also discusses the connections and overlaps between the GRI Standards and UNGC Principles, Indian Sustainability Reporting requirements, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and other relevant standards.
In addition to covering the several reporting themes, the course offers plenty of possibilities for debate and engagement by using case studies to illustrate the benefits and problems that come with reporting on sustainability.

Who Should Attend

  • Team members responsible for Sustainability Reporting
  • Professionals/Sustainability Managers in charge of a company's Sustainability program
  • Independent Consultants working on sustainability reporting
  • Regulatory authorities
  • College and university students enrolled in finance, sustainability, or environmental programs

Training Duration

3 Days / 24 Hrs. instructor-led classroom/live virtual training.

Exam Details

- No. of questions – 30 (including scenario-based questions, choose the best answer, summary questions)
- Total marks – 100
- Pass marks – 70
- Duration - 60 mins

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