Level 3 Expert Training Program

Level 3 - Expert

Sustainability Certification Program

Sustainability Certification Program

About the course

Stakeholders of all types, including customers, employees, and investors, are increasingly demanding better sustainability performance and increased transparency on sustainability topics. As the name of the course goes, this 3 to 4 days of TÜV SÜD Sustainability Certification Program (TSSCP) is tailor-made to create sustainability experts who can lead best sustainability practices at the organisational level. 

Your benefits

1. Lead sustainability at organisational level
2. Assess, identify, and manage opportunities and risks from a sustainability perspective
3. Adopt a strategic stakeholder engagement approach
4. Develop, implement, monitor, and communicate Sustainability and CSR strategies and initiatives
5. Improve sustainability performance, organisational profile, and competitiveness
6. Effectively disclose organisational strategies, material issues, impacts, and performance
7. Gain a hands-on understanding of sustainability reporting

Course content / outline

1. Principle of GHG Accounting
1.1 Scope
1.2 Boundary
1.3 Baseline
1.4 Materiality
1.5 Monitoring & Verification
1.6 Uncertainty
1.5 Reporting

2. Carbon Offsetting techniques
2.1 Different methods of offsetting    
2.2 Standards  
2.3 Market availability & acceptability"

3. Supply Chain Sustainability
3.1 Supply chain tracing and screening with tools
3.2 Reporting of Supplier Performance
3.3 Block Chain to supply chain Traceability & Transparency

4. Governance & Societal

4.1 Approach to Integrate Social Responsibility into Business
4.2 Latest Cross Sectoral Initiatives on Social Responsibility
4.3 Analyze Social Impact & CSR assessment"

5. Sustainability Reporting
5.1 Developing a GRI Sustainability Report
5.2 External Assurance process
5.3 Integrated reporting process
5.4 Benchmarking and roadmap development, materiality and enterprise risk assessment, data and process management, target setting and alignment with business goals
5.5 Determining material risks that impact company’s business and stakeholders

6. Project Preparation

Who should attend?

Working professionals who want to drive sustainability initiatives at the organisational level.

Training duration

4 Days/ 48 Hrs

Exam details

Platform - online


1. Successful completion of Professional level qualification

2. Completed case studies/practice projects


Level 3  Qualification for Expert


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