Level 1 - Associate

Sustainability Certification Program

Sustainability Certification Program


10th - 11th March 2023: Level 1 Associate I Duration: 2 Days 

About the course

The 2-day detailed Associate Level program for professionals provides a step-by-step introduction to sustainability, sustainable development, and circular economy and offers unique knowledge in a practical and straightforward way. The program qualifies professionals as Sustainability Associates who are ready to initiate shoulder various sustainability initiatives of their respective organisation.

Your benefits

1. Map SGDs against business priorities
2. Measure SDG progress and communicate to stakeholders
3. Communicate commitment to the SDGs via the company website
4. Use SDGs assessment to inform corporate strategy

Course content / outline

1. Awareness on Sustainability
1.1 Renewable - Solar, wind, Green H2, Biomass
1.2 ISO 14064 – Awareness Training – Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Verification
1.3 Understanding the concept of Decarbonization
1.4 Understanding SDG Goals
1.5 Implementing Sustainability Initiatives
1.6 GHG Estimations- Basics
1.7 Water Balance/Energy Balance for sustainability
1.8 Identification of Sustainability Goals
1.9 Understanding Sustainable Supply Chain from Environmental, Social and Financial Perspective   
1.10. SC Greening methodologies and initiatives
1.11 SC Sustainability Indices and Assessments

2. Decarbonization
2.1 Renewable - Solar, wind, Green H2, Biomass
2.2 Energy Efficiency (Demand-side & Supply-side)
2.3 Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

3. GHG
3.1 GWP of Greenhouse Gases
3.2 Sources of Greenhouse Gas emissions
3.3 Introduction to the principle of GHG accounting (Scope 1,2,3)
3.4 Introduction to Carbon Offsetting techniques

4. Introduction to Carbon Offsetting techniques

5. Water Balance/Energy Balance for sustainability

who should attend?

Working professionals who want to have an in-depth understanding of sustainability initiatives.

Training Duration

2 Days / 16 Hrs.

Exam Details

No. of questions - 70
Total marks - 100
Pass marks - 70
Duration - 90 mins
Platform - Online


Level 1 - Qualification for Associate

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