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GDPR Practitioner

Data Privacy and EU GDPR Practitioner Certification Training

Data Privacy and EU GDPR Practitioner Certification Training


GDPR is all about protecting customer and employee data. It requires organizations to adopt stricter data protection policies, to document how they store, use and share personal data and review data governance principles regularly to ensure compliance.

The focus of the GDPR is to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the EU as well as address the export of personal data outside the European Union (EU), which means it protects the misuse of personal identifiable information (PII) of any kind of EU citizens.


Develop an understanding of the underpinning principles, terminology, and concepts of the GDPR.


Topics to be covered in this course include:

  • GDPR Introduction
  • GDPR and Privacy Alignment
  • GDPR Data Categories & Subject Rights
  • Rights of Data Subject
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Data Protection Officer
  • GDPR – Breach Reporting and Penalty


  • Professionals who wish to have the detailed knowledge on data privacy and looking forward to work in the projects of GDPR
  • Security consultants
  • Data analysts
  • Data protection consultants
  • Information security managers
  • IT & Project managers
  • Privacy Managers
  • Corporate governance managers
  • Risk and compliance managers
  • CISOs and CROs
  • Professionals who wish to work on GDPR


Four Days


  • 3 years of work experience in Information Technology domain is desirable
  • Recommended hours of training: 32 Hours
  • Candidate should have experience in an implementation of information security management system


  • Examination is divided into two parts A & B. Part A is multiple choice answer-based questions and part B contains subjective answers questions.
  • Part A - 40 Multiple-choice answers-based questions, each question is of one mark; total 40 marks
  • Part B - 6 subjective answers-based questions, each of 5 marks; total 30 marks
  • Duration of exam: 120 minutes
  • Passing criteria: 70% or above (49 marks or above out of 70 marks)
  • Re-sit in the exam for all the certifications in GDPR
    • If a Candidate does not pass the exam in the first (1st) attempt, the candidate can appear for ONLY second (2nd) attempt at no additional cost.
    • From third attempt the fees are applicable


  • Candidates who successfully attends the examination is awarded TÜV SÜD’s Data Privacy and EU GDPR Practitioner Certification
  • Unsuccessful candidates will be issued a certificate of attendance


GDPR Portal

Get Benefit from the extensive expertise and expert tips for practical application of EU GDPR

Your benefits:

  • Efficient data protection management
  • Relevant practical knowledge
  • Many useful work aids: Sample contracts, checklists, etc.
  • Current cases and rulings
  • Everything about EU-GDPR/BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) new
  • Interesting facts about laws and regulations
  • Data protection blog from the editorial team on relevant issues

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