Carbon Neutrality Certification

GHG Accounting Lead Verifier Certification Program

In accordance with ISO 14064

In accordance with ISO 14064


3rd - 6th April 2024: GHG Accounting Lead Verifier Training Program I Duration: 4 days I Time: 09:30 am to 06:00 pm

Course Description

Climate change is one of the most serious concerns that countries throughout the world are facing. Globally, industries are redesigning their business strategies to focus on decarbonization in order to minimize climate change and GHG emissions. The first step in this process is to create a GHG inventory.
Determining the GHG inventory/Carbon Footprint requires understanding of sources of emissions, collection relevant data and implementing effective GHG management system. Intended to set or quantify Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions inventory in organizational level, the international standard ISO 14064-1 has been introduced. ISO 14064 provides organizations with a unified tool for measuring, quantifying, and reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) and achieving carbon neutrality.

This course outlines principles and requirements for establishing, producing, monitoring, reporting and validating organization - or company-level GHG inventories.

Course CONTENT/outline

The following topics will be covered in the course:

• Climate change and its implications on businesses
• Importance of Carbon Footprint management with reference to global regulations and requirements
• Concept of a GHGs’ and related terminology, the causes and effects of global warming, and become acquainted with various worldwide initiatives, standards and frameworks.
• Understanding the various GHG frameworks and standards families, as well as their interrelationships.
• Understanding the principles and standards for planning, creating, managing, reporting, and verifying the carbon footprint of an organization.
• Knowledge of the principles and standards for establishing baselines, monitoring, quantifying, and reporting project emissions
• Demonstrating the ability and expertise to organize and perform verification of the organization's carbon footprint.
• Exercises and case studies

Learning Outcomes

In this course, participants will learn how to calculate carbon footprint, create a carbon management strategy, deal with carbon offsets, and create the necessary supporting paperwork, all of which are fundamental criteria outlined in GHG Protocol/ISO 14064 standards. Additionally, the workshop will guide participants through the verification procedure and help them get ready for upcoming verifications. The participant will also understand the guidelines to conduct verification as per ISO 14064 standards. 

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Management and Board of Directors
  • Internal auditors
  • Middle management team responsible for sustainability/ESG
  • Environment managers
  • Individuals/Professionals/Consultants who want to enhance their knowledge more about Carbon Footprint Management and become Lead GHG Verifier
  • College and university students enrolled in sustainability or environmental programs

Training Duration

4 Days / 32 Hrs. instructor-led classroom/live virtual training.

Exam Details

- No. of questions – 40 (including scenario-based questions, choose the best answer, summary questions)
- Total marks – 100
- Pass marks – 70
- Duration - 60 mins

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