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Automotive Cybersecurity Training and Certification

Gain in-depth knowledge of various requirements for automotive cybersecurity standard ISO 21434

Virtual Classes Schedule

02 – 05 Feb 2022: Automotive Cybersecurity Training and Certification I (3 days training followed by 4th day exam) I Time: 09:30 am to 05:30 pm

Course Overview

The automotive industry is always confronted with new quality requirements due to increasing digitization, networking and automation of vehicles. Series vehicles and their components must be developed, taking cybersecurity into account. It will substantially impact vehicle development and the entire life cycle.

During this interactive course, participants will gain in-depth knowledge of various requirements for automotive cyber security standard ISO 21434. The participants would understand the connection between the threat and risk analysis, security concept, stakeholders' expectations, security specification, and verification and validation concept over the complete life cycle.

The certification concept behind the training comprises a multi-stage qualification and practical approach considering implementation aspects in the industry.


  • Gain a globally accepted certificate post successful completion of the course
  • Independently handle ISO 21434 engineering and management activities
  • Recognize and identify cybersecurity aspects from conceptual level to its implementation 
  • Hands-on experience on secure internal communication, diagnostics and boot loader
  • Hands-on experience on how to perform cybersecurity verification and validation
  • Plan, monitor, execute and assess product development based on ISO 21434 standard
  • Work as a cybersecurity professional at OEM, tier 1 and/or supplier's end


  • Introduction
  • Cybersecurity Automotive Processes
  • Cybersecurity Basics
  • Cybersecurity Algorithms
  • Cybersecurity in Autosar
  • ISO 21434 Process Overview
  • Impact and Threat Analysis
  • Security Mechanism


Manager, software developers, hardware developers, project leaders, quality representatives, test engineers and all who are involved in Automotive Cybersecurity


3 days training followed by examination on the 4th day

Exam Details

Duration: 120 mins

Details: Multiple Choice Questions


Candidates who successfully pass the examination will be awarded Certified Automotive Cybersecurity Practitioner (CACSP) certificate

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