Safety Plan ISO 26262

E-learning course

E-learning course

The Safety Plan is the most important document for organizing safety activities as required by ISO 26262. Within the 8 chapters you will e.g. gain general information on the Safety Plan and how to use the Safety Plan in different roles as a part of FSM.

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Safety is one of the key issues in development and valid for all road vehicles like trucks, buses, motorcycles and automobiles. The Safety Plan defines all necessary activities to be compliant with the standard.

The usage of Functional Safety Management (FSM) is highly recommended in order to have evidence of handling safety activities in order to avoid systematic failures in the development with regard to product liability.


The Safety Plan is the most important document for organizing safety activities as required by ISO 26262.

• is the work product of the ISO standard that defines all safety activities to be done and reported in the Safety Case
• describes all safety activities and measures to achieve Functional Safety
• helps you to choose the correct measures and methods from over 90 tables of the ISO standard
• helps you to prevent systematic failures in the definition of the item and/or element
• refers to supporting processes, methods, tools, and safety analyses
• is an independent plan but can also be integrated into a project plan


77 Minutes


• OEM - automotive market all
• TIER I suppliers worldwide for OEMs
• TIER II suppliers for TIER I customers
• All software vendors for automotive market
• All software tool vendors for automotive market
• All ASIC vendors for automotive market


In this training, you'll learn,

• how to use the Safety Plan in different roles as a part of FSM
• how it helps you to meet avoidance of systematic faults as required by ISO 26262
• how to tailor your own Safety Plan
• what the parts of the Safety plan are about, focused on the phases of the safety lifecycle
• how to plan safety activities in scheduled steps.


• General information on the Safety plan
• Planning project independent and dependent Functional Safety Management activities in general
• Activities during all other parts of the safety lifecycle
• Planning of supporting processes, functional safety analyses and assessments


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• Audio playback


The learner can go through this in a self-determined sequence. Safety Plan within the learning units, the learner has the opportunity to review his acquired knowledge in short quizzes.



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  • What is included in the course?

    Each course will include access to e-learning content, quizzes, and proof of completion. Additional resources may also be included and this will vary by course.

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    Our e-learning courses are designed to promote interaction between learner and content and often include quizzes. Quizzes are designed to help understand where successful learning has been achieved, and where opportunities for additional review exist.

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