IEC 62443 whitepaper

IEC 62443 Industrial Security Standards



An introduction to the IEC 62443 framework

The widespread deployment of interconnected technologies has transformed the industrial landscape in many industries around the world. Today’s so-called smart factories are actively leveraging the potential of interconnected systems to streamline production, increase output and reduce waste, while also increasing production flexibility.

At the same time, the growing dependence on interconnected technologies in the industrial environment increases our vulnerability to cyber threats. From the theft of proprietary technical knowledge to threats of plant shutdowns and even damage and destruction of critical industrial assets, the risk of cyberattacks on industrial operations represent a genuine concern that can impose significant financial costs and even put lives in danger. Therefore, taking action to strengthen industrial cyber security is more important than ever.

This IEC 62443 whitepaper summarises how improvements in industrial manufacturing technology might make them more prone to cyber threats, investigates how to secure industrial manufacturing systems from cyber threats, and offers an in-depth insight at TÜV SÜD's industrial information security programme.

Why download the whitepaper?

  • Understand how advances in industrial manufacturing technologies can make them more vulnerable to cyber threats.
  • Learn about the holistic framework of the IEC 62443 standard series, and the benefits of an IEC 62443 certification.

  • Get an introduction to TÜV SÜD’s approach to industrial cyber security.

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