Meeting ZDHC Wastewater Treatment Operator Qualifications

On-demand webinar

On-demand webinar


The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Foundation initiated the drive for sustainable chemical management in the fashion industry. Since then, many fashion brands have responded promptly to adhere to the guidelines and standards set by ZDHC.

As part of its Roadmap to Zero Programme, ZDHC has also published the Wastewater Treatment System Operator Minimum Qualifications Guidelines in February 2021, establishing standardised minimum expectations for operators' and technicians' education, training, and experience. It is expected for wastewater treatment operators to be qualified as per the ZDHC guidelines through a ZDHC-administered exam. To be considered for qualifications, operators need to demonstrate that they had training specific to wastewater treatment system operations.

Our webinar will provide with an overview of the ZDHC Wastewater Treatment System Operator Minimum Qualifications Guidelines and how it affects water treatment plant operators in the footwear and apparel industries. We will discuss the competency requirements for water treatment plant operators, including how operators and technicians can prepare for the exam administered by ZDHC to stay compliant and competent. 

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  • Introduction to ZDHC
  • Minimum qualifications for wastewater treatment system operators including training requirements
  • How to meet minimum qualifications: Content overview of wastewater treatment system operator Level 1 training course
  • Supplier and brand perspectives: Importance of meeting minimum qualifications
  • Q & A session


ZDHC webinarMr. Philip Chung
Implementation Manager, Implementation Hub (ZDHC)

As part of the ZDHC Academy Team, Phil collaborates closely in the task team in the development and operationalisation of various training programme including wastewater operator training as well as developing core business infrastructure that supports the deployment of training. Prior to joining ZDHC, Phil worked at an independent laboratory first as a chemist then a business development manager. During which he supported the textile industry with their journey of the ZDHC and Detox initiatives.


ZDHC webinarMr. Jimmy Summers
Vice President – Environment, Health, and Safety, & Sustainability, Elevate Textiles, Inc.
Member of the Wastewater Council & Supplier Advisory Board, ZDHC

At Elevate Textiles, Inc., a manufacturer of distinguished fabric brands and thread solutions for automotive, apparel (including denim), interior furnishing, and specialty products, Jimmy is responsible for the EHS and Sustainability programs for the company’s 40 manufacturing facilities and support facilities throughout the world. Jimmy has worked in the textile and apparel industry for over 25 years, both in manufacturing and corporate positions. He spent 5 years in the building products industry in similar roles. Summers has significant experience in managing textile wastewater treatment systems around the world, include the design and start-up of new and upgraded systems. He is a member of the Wastewater Council of ZDHC and is a member of  the Supplier Advisory Board and several Task Teams of ZDHC. Jimmy is currently the Vice Chair of the Environmental  Committee of the American Apparel & Footwear Association, and is on the Standards Steering Committee of the Cradle to  Cradle Products Innovation Institute.


ZDHC WebinarMs. Afsana Siddika
Environment Validation Specialist, H & M - Hennes & Mauritz AB

Afsana is an environmental engineer and sustainability professional working for the fashion brand H&M. As a technical expert, she specialises in conducting audits of effluent treatment plants. In her role, she ensures that the fashion industry operates sustainably and responsibly. Afsana is passionate about finding solutions to reduce the industry's environmental impact and she is dedicated to improving H&M's sustainability efforts.



zdhc webinarMr. Bratin Roy
Senior Vice President, Industry Service & Sustainability, TÜV SÜD South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa

As a head of Industry service, he is leading 4 multidisciplinary business units i.e., Energy & Systems, Chemical and process industry, Steam & Pressure, and Risk and Environment management services. He is responsible for financial management, investment, new product development and strategic project advisory, among others. In addition, he leads sustainability service portfolio, go-to-market strategy, Merger and acquisitions, and the coordination of TÜV SÜD global network to help clients address their strategic sustainability priorities and respond to regulatory, technology, and skill challenges. He is personally involved in several sustainability projects across the region mainly in climate change, Green Hydrogen, clean energy and water efficiency.

Visit our website for more information on ZDHC Wastewater Treatment System Operator Qualification Training developed in collaboration with ZDHC. The Level one course for operators is designed with contributions by experienced water program managers, plant managers and training providers.


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