Navigating BRSR Core Assurance

On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

In today's business landscape, organisations face increasing pressure from regulatory bodies, investors, consumers, and other stakeholders to demonstrate their commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Beyond regulatory compliance, embracing the BRSR Core framework is crucial for organisations seeking to enhance their reputation, mitigate risks, attract investment, and foster sustainable growth. Organisations across industries can strengthen stakeholder trust, drive innovation, and contribute to a more sustainable future by aligning with global sustainability standards and best practices. 

The webinar covered valuable insights into how the BRSR Core framework can help your organisation navigate the evolving sustainability reporting landscape and meet stakeholders' expectations.

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  • Overview of the BRSR Core Framework
  • Key components and requirements of BRSR reporting
  • Best practices for implementing the BRSR Core Framework
  • Reasonable Assurance: Methodologies and Expectations
  • Limited Assurance: Importance and Application
  • Q&A Session

About the speaker

Prosenjit Mitra


Mr. Prosenjit Mitra

Deputy General Manager - Audit Services, TÜV SÜD South Asia

Mr. Prosenjit Mitra has overall 20 years of experience in various domains like management system certification, sustainability solutions in areas like environment & energy management, labour practices, sustainable procurement, corporate social responsibility, and quality management. He is currently responsible for managing the Sustainability Portfolio under the Verification, Validation, and Auditing business line of TÜV SÜD South Asia.

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