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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Battery Testing and Requirements for Transportation of Lithium Batteries

Ensure the safety of your lithium-ion battery transportation in order to access new markets

Ensure the safety of your lithium-ion battery transportation in order to access new markets

Over the years lithium batteries have become more heavily regulated as they're used in various electric devices and wider fields of application globally. The safety and reliability of lithium batteries is therefore governed by various international standards.

One of these standards is Regulation UN 38.3. Classified as a class-9 dangerous goods by the United Nations, batteries need to meet requirements specified in UN 38.3 Regulation which details the specifics that must be fulfilled to safely transport lithium cells and batteries (by air, sea, land). The standard, which is recognized by regulators and custom authorities around the world, is also seen as an important gateway to access global markets.

To navigate through this and more our expert practitioner will be extending his insights through our on-demand webinar, covering an elaborate battery testing and requirements for transportation of lithium batteries.

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  • Understanding Testing Requirements and Certification
  • Understanding the necessity of Lithium-ion batteries testing
  • Covering Domestic and International requirement of EV Battery Testing
  • DVP testing & UN 38.3


Who Should Attend

  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Cell manufacturers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Consultants
  • Exporter & Importers of cells/batteries/electronics with batteries.

Meet the Speaker:

Mr. Apurva Desai

Mr. Apurva Desai - Senior Manager, Electric Vehicle

Mr. Apurva Desai is associated with TUV SUD South Asia as a Senior Manager - Electric vehicle and Energy storage. He has over 8.5 years in the domain of Electric / Hybrid Electric vehicle and key e-drivetrain components. He is backed with extensive knowledge in Testing, Certification, Validation and Benchmarking of Electric / Hybrid Electric vehicles and key aggregates like Battery, Motor and EV Chargers.

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