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Key insights about PCI DSS

Powering the Future with TÜV SÜD: Episode #2

Powering the Future with TÜV SÜD: Episode #2

Thinking Ahead with TUV SUD Cybersecurity Podcast Series

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In this PCI DSS compliance podcast, Amit Kadam, a subject matter expert on Commercial Transaction Security and Data Protection and a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), provides several PCI DSS insights — specifically addressing its importance, applicability and benefits, consequences on non-compliance and implementation.

This PCI DSS compliance podcast explains how PCI DSS standard applies to a vast range of companies and even describes the four levels established by the PCI Council in detail. In addition, this PCI DSS podcast also provides insights on the type of companies that need to comply with PCI DSS, as well as the steps through which an organisation can achieve compliance.


  • 01min 15 sec – What is PCI DSS Compliance?
  • 02min 17sec – Companies who need to comply with PCI DSS
  • 02min 48sec – PCI DSS Requirements to be met by organisations
  • 03min 55sec – Risks of non-compliance to PCI DSS
  • 05min 11sec – Benefits of the PCI DSS certification
  • 07min 06sec – Steps to achieve PCI DSS compliance

Key QUOTES by our expert

1. “PCI DSS applies to a wide range of different business entities, ranging from small home-based businesses, brick and mortar retailers, e-commerce merchants, financial institutions, banks, payment gateway companies, IT / ITES, Point of Sale vendors to Data centers, etc.”

2. “Broadly, there are 4 levels set by PCI council i.e. L1, L2, L3 and L4 merchant. There are SAQ (Self-assessment questionaries) that they must complete depending on the business model and card holder data the organisation store, process and transmit.”

3. “When a data breach or cyber-attack takes place, compliance with PCI DSS guidelines will provide you a shield against the heavy legal penalty. It shows that you have taken adequate measures to protect your customers’ data”


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