In the recent past, I can’t recall a discussion - be it with colleagues, employees, media or a potential job seeker where one doesn’t talk about fast paced life, abundance of professional opportunities, scarcity of time with family or to indulge in leisure activities. Invariably these discussions end with the term ‘work-life balance’.

Recently in one of my ‘employee engagement forums’, an employee asked me how I maintain my work-life balance specially after I took over as the CEO of a large region comprising of ASEAN, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. My answer to him was, “I believe in work-life delight and not work-life balance.”

To me the term ‘balance’ itself represents that I am not comfortable with the situation and juggling to attain what I desire. To me it is all about creating a DELIGHT. Delight at work place, where one spends maximum hours would mean working with passion and creating an environment of inter-dependence through trust and mutual commitment. If you achieve this, it will manifest in a delightful experience in your personal space too. Especially with two-income families in a nuclear set-up, it is imperative to learn the art of enjoying every moment, giving it 100% and creating a delightful eco-system whether professionally or personally. Basically, it is about optimizing harmony across different facets of life with passion and engagement.

Few days back, I read an article on Harvard Business Review titled ‘Manage your work, Manage your life’ that had touched upon various aspects of work-life like defining success, gender differences, use of technology and others, but ended with a simple point - ‘no one can do it alone’. Since childhood we are taught the power of community living and to draw from its strength. As professionals, we must empower each other to design a lifestyle that works for an individual’s well-being while we all work towards our career aspirations. We must understand how to find ways to integrate professional commitments and personal interests, thereby adding flexibility and contentment to activities that we truly believe in.

Work-Life Delight is all about enjoying every moment and giving your 100%, be it when you are at workplace or with family and friends.

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