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Comprehensive used car appraisals and assessments

With our digital tool TIM (TÜV SÜD in Motion) we support you in creating standardised appraisals and digital vehicle dossiers

With our digital tool TIM (TÜV SÜD in Motion) we support you in creating standardised appraisals and digital vehicle dossiers

How can we support you in the used vehicle inspection and assessment process with our digital tool TIM?

Screenshot of the used car assessment tool TIM

Our portable terminal TIM is a tool developed by our experts to facilitate the used vehicle assessment process by using the latest technologies. The tool enables our experts to work through the checklist for the reduced value appraisal directly on the vehicle using a tablet, and to transmit the results online to responsible person directly. This includes the appraisal, valuation, and testing of your used vehicles at the leasing return. TIM was developed to make our assessments even more accurate and faster providing you with increased transparency, efficiency and high-quality vehicle appraisals.

Why is the digitalisation of comprehensive used vehicle appraisals and assessments important?

Modern vehicle lifecycle management processes at the dealership, in the fleet or in the field of financing services, require the digital coupling of expert services. This will provide a seamless IT infrastructure for further processing or integration into customer-specific IT environments. With TIM, our tool developed specifically for used vehicle assessment, we can streamline and digitise the entire process forwarding the appraisals directly to your systems.

Our used car assessment tool records all working steps of our vehicle managers providing you with greater transparency of the vehicle evaluation process.

Our used vehicle appraisal tool in detail

The tool for used vehicle assessment: TIM supports your business processes by using the latest technologies.

How does TIM work?

The tool is simple and easy to use. The prerequisites for TIM include a wireless network via which the personal digital assistant can transmit data to the computer in which the appraisal is prepared. Our expert records all relevant vehicle data, vehicle equipment and condition characteristics with a mobile device or via a browser-based application locally at your vehicle, and documents them directly in TIM during the inspection. Using the supplied or TÜV SÜD damage limit sample catalogue, the vehicle expert at the vehicle or another online TÜV SÜD expert, differentiates between various characteristics such as age, mileage, intended use, permissible signs of use and more. Depending on the customer's requirements, these characteristics are listed in TIM with explanations of the features and the correct repair method, relevant repair costs and reduced values.Used car appraisal with TIM: a process completed in a few steps

In the process flow, the resultant used car appraisal (reduced value appraisal, lease take-back, condition report, purchase valuation, etc.) is prepared in one step, sent to a defined group of recipients on customer site without media discontinuity and imported into TÜV SÜD or the customer's own systems for easy access.

TIM combines personal TÜV SÜD expertise with the client's own digital world – just in time and without media discontinuity.

The main benefits you achieve with our mobile vehicle appraisal process with TIM

The portable terminal TIM supports our vehicle manager in the complete used vehicle process in your company and provides you directly with various benefits:

  • Delivers real-time certainty concerning your vehicle‘s condition
  • Saves you time due to increases efficiency in our vehicle inspection through a predefined process flow
  • Provides you with greater transparency about all working steps
  • Optimises the vehicle management from valuation to reduction in value and process management
  • Improves data quality through electronically generated documents
  • Increases the speed of document circulation and document logistics between our experts and your responsible car managers
  • Provides you with multilingual assessment results
  • Considers country-specific vehicle damage values
  • Enables detailed damage assessment through an integrated, high-resolution camera
  • Direct online access thanks to web-based data delivery
  • Supports you in using our web-based document archive (CarManager ONE)
  • Simplifies the data transmission via WLAN or UMTS card.

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