Feasibility and Planning Services

Ensure your project is technically and legally feasible as well as economically viable

Ensure your project is technically and legally feasible as well as economically viable

WHat IS FEASIBILITY AND Planning services

Whether you are an investor, a financial institution or the owner of an asset, unidentified issues or risks in project is a serious concern. Stakeholders need the best possible understanding of how the objective will be met and where risks manifest. They might not be familiar with standards and regulations concerning environmental protection, occupational health and safety, regulatory, technical, commercial and social risks - all of which can influence the project completion timeline & cost. In future, reducing load shedding, increasing generation utilisation and maximising power trade potential may also affect the return of your investment. Developers also want to check the possible routes, basic design, time line of the project, cost of project and mitigation of unplanned risk. Another challenge faced after due diligence is preparation of proper tender and contract document which will eliminate operational risk and liability to the project owner, investor or operator. 

Why is feasibility and planning services Important ?

The feasibility study helps to seek clarity on questions like what, why, when, where and who. It provides critical information regarding viability of project from financial, technical, legal and operational aspects, thus assisting stakeholders to make an informed decision. This detailed information helps the stakeholders to mitigate risks and uncertainties at the planning stage ensuring a well-designed, planned and timely executed project supported by qualified partners or vendors.


TÜV SÜD provides survey and profiling, ESIA, due diligence, design review, ROW advisory and bid process management services that are beneficial in the areas of new investments, acquisitions of assets, lending of funds, initial public offerings (IPOs), insolvencies as well as sale and leaseback transactions. Our worldwide reputation as an independent and impartial technical service provider ensures reliable and in-depth due diligence reports on which you can base your decisions. And once the decision is made, we support clients by helping them in BOQ, risk assessment, basic design, DPR, ROW advisory and represents them in managing the tender phase of projects through the bid process management. Preparation of tender documents eliminates risk and liability via proper contract preparation.



    Survey and profiling
    We help customers to understand risks associated with site, land and route of transmission line. We do route alignment using satellite images and survey of country maps by taking various data from utilities and other govt agencies. Detailed survey using GPS and digital profiling by using a suitable software of selected route gives clear understanding to customer about the relevance of site. This will be supported by soil investigation process and detailed survey report.

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
    With our expertise in local and regional regulation, we help investors or project developers to predict and assess the potential environmental and social impacts of a proposed project, evaluating alternatives and designing appropriate mitigation, management and monitoring measures. Our in-depth analysis and report will help an organisation to predict and mitigate negative impacts and identify opportunities to enhance benefits for local communities and broader society.

    Techno Economic Viability study (TEV)
    Our study will include feasibility and bankable studies of transmission site and assets to evaluate and analyse the technical and financial viability by assessing the strengths and weakness of the proposed investment. We evaluate the risk, uncertainty and future viability of the project by reviewing technology and related technical aspects. We use a holistic approach to check the plausibility of capital expenditure, operational expenditure and O&M expenditure assumptions to identify possible need for future investments and development of operational cost model. This provides a technical perspective for evaluating whether the business and financial targets of a transaction are realistic.

    Detailed project report
    We conduct a detailed study to analyse adequacy of selected technology, project implementation schedule, permits and approvals which will help owner and financier to take decision on project. This report will contain feasibility of project, risk assessment, environmental assessment, project cost estimation, O&M estimation, BOQ and other salient features. A complete SWOT analysis will be done considering all these factors for project viability.

    Review of Design
    The complexity of the design of transmission line increases with the capacity, difficulty of terrain, type of soils etc. Furthermore a safe and cost-effective design is a prime requirement of any project. Our expert designers can conduct design review in detailed, impartial and reliable manner in line with various international and local standards. You can base your decision on our review to plan your project cost and time.

    Advisory of ROW
    The most challenging issue the transmission sector India is facing today, is the right of way (ROW), land acquisition, regulatory and environmental clearances. With the increased awareness of farmers and land owners and increasing legal issues due to reserved forests, bird sanctuaries and religious structures, it has become increasingly difficult to get smooth and timely ROW clearances. Our support will help you to prepare SOPS for land acquisition, forest clearance, river crossing etc.

    Tender and contract management services

    TÜV SÜD represents clients in managing the tender phase of projects through the development of a tender programme and preparation of tender documents. We evaluate all proposals based on pre-qualification requirements, as well as technical and cost evaluations before selecting a contractor / supplier. We support clients by negotiating and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions in contracts, as well as documenting and agreeing upon any changes that may arise during implementation or execution.


    •  Site survey
    • DPR review/ due diligence / feasibility review
    • Defining bidding type-open bidding, limited bidding
    • Online bidding, offline bidding
    • Basic supplier assessment

    Designing & preparation of Bid Documents

    • Prepare consolidated bid documents
    • Defining technical specifications
    • Basic design parameters/drawings
    • Preparing bill of quantity
    • Defining qualification criteria e.g. priced based, quality based, price and quality based, etc.
    • Include various provisions e.g. warranties, liabilities, obligation, terms and conditions, etc.
    • Defining commercial terms e.g. budgeting, penalties, bank guarantees, etc.

    Floating of bids

    •  Issuing bid invitation
    • Arranging and conducting pre-bid meeting
    • Clarifications to the bidder’s queries
    • Addendum / corrigendum

    Evaluating entries

    •  Bid evaluation based on qualification criteria
    • Shortlisting and selection of bidder
    • Verification of documents submitted by bidder

    Awarding contract

    •  Letter of invitation
    • Commercial and technical discussion
    • Prepare contract documentation
    • Defining condition of contract e.g. specifications, design parameters; bills of quantities, etc.
    • Support in awarding the contract


    • Secure investments - with realistic risk / benefit assessment for maximum predictability for investments, planning and use
    • Achieve legal and planning certainty – with TÜV SÜD’s in-depth knowledge of legal regulations and early identification of weaknesses, which minimises risk of liabilities and expensive rework
    • Strengthen your position in negotiations – with objective, in-depth and unfiltered data
    • Gain access to global and regional support – with TÜV SÜD’s high level of knowledge in most markets, backed up by professionals who can be contacted locally
    • Ensure safety of investments – by eliminating risks through TÜV SÜD’s technical and environmental due diligence services
    • Save time and costs – with our customised support that addresses your requirements
    • Ensure quality – as our experts partner with you throughout the tendering process to make sure that your project complies with national and international requirements
    • Gain greater transparency – through making simple and transparent process
    • Minimise risk – by incorporating proper commercial and risk liabilities in contract


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