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Canada prepares for implementation of new safe food regulations

In an effort to keep pace with significant changes in the global food environment, Canada is preparing for the implementation later this year of new safe food regulations applicable to food and food products imported into or prepared in Canada.

The new regulations, which were published in draft form in the Canada Gazette in early 2017, will reportedly apply internationally recognised standards for food safety to food and food products that are imported into or prepared in Canada. Separately, the regulations would streamline the current regulatory process in Canada by merging 13 food commodity-based regulations plus the food-related provisions of the country’s food packaging regulations into a single, outcome-based set of requirements. This approach is consistent with that taken in the U.S. and other countries. 

The new regulations are also expected to strengthen existing requirements by mandating that food businesses have preventive controls in place to identify and manage food safety risks before products are sold to consumers. The regulations will also reduce the time within which producers and distributors would be required to remove unsafe foods from the marketplace.

According to a statement in early May by Canada’s Food Inspection Agency, the final version of the new safe food regulations will be published in the Canada Gazette within the next two to three months. The Agency also indicates that it will make additional information and guidance resources available at that time.

The complete text of Canada’s Safe Food for Canadian Regulations as originally published in the Canada Gazette is available here.

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