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Lupin added to the list of regulated allergens in Australia/New Zealand

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has added lupin to the list of potentially allergenic ingredients that must be identified in connection with food and food products sold in those countries. 

Lupin (also known as lupine) is a legume associated with the same plant family as peanuts. Although it has not been commonly used in food products produced in Australia or New Zealand, lupin is now being more widely used as an ingredient in the preparation of gluten-free flours. Continued exposure to lupin can be lead to allergies over time, and even result in severe reactions such as anaphylaxis.

Accordingly, Food Standards Australia New Zealand has recently updated the Food Standards Code to require food producers to declare the presence of lupin as an ingredient or a component of ingredients in food products. For foods that are not sold in a package, or foods that are not required to have a label where such a listing would appear, retailers must display information about the presence of lupin or provide consumers with information regarding the presence of lupin upon request.

The lupin labelling requirements take effect as of May 26, 2018.

Additional information about the addition of lupin to the list of regulated allergens is available here.

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