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USDA releases updated report summarising Brazil’s food and agricultural import regulations and standards

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released its latest report summarising the food and agricultural import regulations and standards in Brazil, one of the world’s leading food importing countries.

Prepared by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, the Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report provides an overview of Brazil’s food regulatory framework, as well as a detailed summary of current and anticipated regulations applicable to food and agricultural products imported into Brazil. As such, it serves as an effective primer for food producers seeking to gain access to this important market.

While the GAIN report on Brazil identifies no significant changes in regulations during the past year that could impact food imports, it does caution that regulations regarding the labelling of nutritional information of food products are expected to change “in the near future.” It also notes that negotiations between Brazil and the EU regarding Geographic Indications may have some impact on the importation of certain food and beverage products.

The complete text of the USDA’s GAIN Report on Brazil’s food and agricultural import regulations and standards is available here.


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