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China: Association standard on high quality down garments is implemented

FEBRUARY 2019 - Relevant for: SOFTLINES

Association standard on high quality down garments (Standard No. TB/T CFDIA004-20181) was implemented from 1 January 2019. This association standard was created and published by China Feather and Down Industrial Association (CFDIA). It is applied to the garments which are mainly filled with high quality down.

In order to reduce the risk of down penetration and improve safety of down garments, CFDIA created this new standard based on existing standards on down garments, i.e. GB/T 17685-2016 for down and feather, and GB/T 14272-2011 for down garments. This new association standard added certain parameters, e.g. “down fibre + feather” content, how to label down content if more than 95%. The new standard also includes more stringent requirements, e.g. tolerance of down content, fill power, oxygen number and turbidity.

Besides the requirements listed in below table, down garments should comply with the appearance and performance requirements in GB/T 14272 and FZ/T 73053.

Claimed down content (%)

Allowed tolerance of down (%)

Down fibre + feather (%)

Fill power

Oxygen number (mg/100g)

Turbidity (mm) 

Goose down content * (%)


≥ - 2.0

≤ 8.0

≥ 16.0

≤ 4.8

≥ 800

≥ 90.0


≥ - 2.0

≤ 8.0

≥ 18.0

≤ 4.8

≥ 800

≥ 90.0


≥ - 2.0

≤ 5.0

≥ 20.0

≤ 4.8

≥ 800

≥ 90.0

> 95 



≥ 21.0

≤ 4.8

≥ 800

≥ 90.0

* For garments filled with goose down only

Background information of the Association standard

The Association standards refer to standards which are developed and issued by the association via the standard development process. According to the Notice No. 13 [2015] Issued by the State Council2 on Issuing the Scheme for Deepening Reform of the Work of Standardization, associations with the corresponding competency are encouraged to develop association standards. It can help to meet market needs. The mandatory standards developed by the government focus on the basic requirements for products and the standards developed by the industry (e.g. association standards) focus on improvement of market competitiveness.

[1] Standard No. TB/T CFDIA004-2018 – High Quality Down Garments

[2] Notice No. 13 [2015] Issued by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China


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