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Korea: Amendment to regulation on energy efficiency labelling and standards published


The South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) issued an amendment to the Regulation on Energy Efficiency Labeling and Standards on 30 October 2019. This amendment is mainly to prevent the import of products that do not comply efficiency standards.

The amendment sets out regulations in regards to verification of import requirements for "Efficiency Management Machinery, Equipment, or Materials" under the Rational Energy Utilisation Act. Stated by the new Article 13-1, if necessary for customs clearance, a person who aims to import the efficiency management equipment in the catalogue (see Annex 2, import guidelines of the MOTIE's Public Notification of Integration/Consolidation) shall submit an "Import Requirements Verification Application Form" No. 10 to the Korea Energy Agency.

The amendment also provides three-phase induction motors with labeling instruction. The energy efficiency label and the following nine items must be marked on the product

  • manufacturer name and country of manufacture,
  • model name,
  • manufacturing number,
  • year and month of manufacture,
  • rated output,
  • rated voltage and current,
  • rated frequency,
  • rated speed or number of poles,
  • rated efficiency and efficiency class (IE code).

The amendment was into force since 30 October 2019.

[1] Amendment to the Regulation on Energy Efficiency Labeling and Standards

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