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USA: A glance on BPA enforcement under Proposition 65

august 2018- Relevant for: hardlines

On 23 July 2018, the California Attorney General’s Office (OAG) reported two new settlements for Bisphenol A (BPA) in thermal paper under Proposition 65. The latest reformulation requires thermal papers should not contain intentionally added BPA more than 10 ppm, which is 2-folds lowered than the previous limit we shared earlier.

Despite Bisphenol A was added in the Proposition 65 chemical list on 11 April 2013 as a chemical known to cause developmental toxicity, it was then delisted eight days later. After almost 2-years consultation, BPA was finally added back in the list as a chemical known to cause female reproductive toxicity and enforced from May 2016.

BPA violations involved products include food contact articles, thermal paper, soap dish, the durable gaming case, cell phone case, sunglasses and batting helmet. Some noticeable reformulations are summarised below.



 Thermal paper

 No BPA is intentionally added (< 10ppm)

 Cell phone cases

 3 ppm BPA

 Food contact articles

 BPA free



[1] Recent California Proposition 65 settlements, July 2018


California Proposition 65

California Proposition 65

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