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France: updated standard list for decree no. 96-333 on portable ladders and step stools


France has recently published the updated standard list for Decree No. 96-3331 on portable ladders and step stools in Notice JORF No. 0302 of December 15, 20202. The new list below will replace the old one in previous notice3.

Standards that are presumed to show conformity with safety requirements to Article 3 of Decree No. 96-333:

Index of the standard  Title of the standard
 NF EN 131-1+A1 (September 2019)  Ladders - Part 1: Terms, types, functional sizes
 NF EN 131-2+A2 (March 2017)  Ladders - Part 2: Requirements, testing, marking
 NF EN 131-4 (March 2020)  Ladders - Part 4: Single or multiple hinge-joint ladders
 NF EN 131-6 (February 2019)  Ladders - Part 6: Telescopic ladders
 NF EN 14183 (June 2004)  Step stools

Article 4 of the Decree No. 96-333 requires the information necessary for the intended use of the products must be appear in a visible, legible and indelible manner, for this a list of standards has been published to show compliance:

Index of the standard Title of the standard
NF EN 131-3 (January 2018) Ladders - Part 3: Marking and user instructions
NF EN 131-4 (March 2020) Ladders - Part 4: Single or multiple hinge-joint ladders
NF EN 131-6 (February 2019) Ladders - Part 6: Telescopic ladders
NF EN 14183 (June 2004) Step stools

Products fulfilling the standards in the previous notice can still be put on the market for a period of six months from the publish of this notice and marketed until stocks are exhausted.

[1]  Decree No. 96-333

[2]  Notice JORF No. 0302 of December 15, 2020

[3]  Notice JORF No. 0262 of November 10, 2019

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