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Vietnam: New regulation on Azo dyes and Formaldehyde in textile products published

January 2018- Relevant for: Softlines

Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade released new regulation on azo dyes and formaldehyde in textiles on 23 October 2017. This new regulation was published in Circular No. 21/2017/TT-BCT1, and the new requirements on azo dyes and formaldehyde will take effect on 1 May 2018.

The new regulation deals with the content of formaldehyde and certain aromatic amines derived from azo colorants in textile products before they are traded in the Vietnam market. The regulated textile products under this new regulation are listed in Appendix I. The regulation sets exemptions for certain textile products, such as unbleached or undyed fabrics and textile products, goods under transit, samples used for advertisement without use value and samples used for scientific research and research for production.

All textile products must have their conformity declared before being traded in the Vietnam market, and the testing for declaration of conformity shall be carried out by the accredited testing organisation.

The table below shows the limits and specified test methods for azo dyes and formaldehyde in textiles under this new regulation.

Table A – Limits and specified test methods for azo dyes and formaldehyde in textiles


Limit (mg/kg)

Test method


Textile products for children under 3 years old: 30

TCVN 7421-1:2013,
ISO 14184-1:2011

Textile products in direct contact with skin: 75

Textile products not in direct contact with skin: 300

Aromatic amines derived from azo colorants*

30 (each aromatic amine)

ISO 24362-1:2014and ISO 24362-13:2014,
EN14362-1:2012 and EN14362-3:2012

* The regulated aromatic amines are listed in Appendix II of the regulation.

[1] Circular No. 21/2017/TT-BCT

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