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DYCOT's ALIS test drive catapult is currently being tested to offer a unique solution

The globally unique ALIS equipment has been intensively developed since the middle of last year. It is a smart superstructure using the DYCOT (dynamic component testing) test laboratory's catapult for physical simulation of vehicle side impacts. Side impacts are tested in accordance with EuroNCAP.

DYCOT's ALIS test drive catapult is currently being tested to offer a unique solutionWork on ALIS (Active Lateral Impact Simulation) equipment development has reached its peak. It is a very complex and multi-disciplinary project. We cooperate with ENCOPIM, our traditional testing technology supplier, as well as with our stress analysts, colleagues from Škoda Auto and other partners.

The entire equipment has been commissioned and is currently undergoing final testing at the DYCOT test laboratory. The purpose of these tests is not only to test the elementary functionality, but primarily to introduce the capacities of ALIS to future customers. In particular, the option of concurrent testing of two passengers’ reactions in a single test is globally unique. And finally, our objective is to simulate the behaviour of passengers in accidents in normal operation as factually as possible.

The new ALIS service is planned to be offered to customers within this year to become one of the few test laboratories to provide customers with virtual and non-destructive physical simulations for purposes of retention system development (seat belts, airbags, etc.) for side impacts.

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