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PhotoFairy: Convince with professional vehicle photos

With the PhotoFairy app, TÜV SÜD supports car dealers in creating professional vehicle photos. The sophisticated technology enables standardised car photos to be taken in the showroom and automatically uploaded to car exchanges.

Photofairy vehicle photos with appIn the showroom, vehicles for sale are presented in the best possible way - regardless of whether they are new or used cars. The product should appeal to potential buyers and, in the best case, be an "eye-catcher", i.e. an eye-catcher that is already convincing from the outside. Today, the internet is the most important shop window in the vehicle trade - prospective buyers look at their desired vehicle online on the large vehicle exchanges or on the dealer's website, on their computer or on the road on their laptop or smartphone. Professional marketing photos are therefore an important sales argument.

The app and its developments

TÜV SÜD's PhotoFairy app supports car dealers in creating professional vehicle photos. Standardised processes and sophisticated technology enable standardised car photos in the showroom and automated uploading to car exchanges. The spectrum ranges from simple support in taking the photos to automated image processing and manual image optimisation for particularly high demands. The service package is always adapted to the customer's requirements. In addition, the product is constantly being further developed. For example, the VIN scanner has been further developed and convinces with a very high hit rate. This means that it is no longer necessary to enter the VIN manually into the app. The app scans the VIN conveniently from the windscreen.

Different PhotoFairy packages available

Depending on their requirements, customers can choose from various PhotoFairy service packages for exterior and interior photos. The basic version PhotoFairy "Pure" supports the user - usually an employee of the car dealership - with an integrated camera control in the PhotoFairy app. In the PhotoFairy "Automatic" version, the vehicles in the image are also cropped and a neutral background is added automatically using artificial intelligence. In the "Premium" version, images are processed manually and can be mounted in variable backgrounds. The presentation is possible in the Automatic and Premium versions in the customer's corporate design, in the Premium version even optionally with marketing number plates.

PhotoFairy 360°

PhotoFairy 360° can also be used to create appealing all-round shots of the vehicle from the outside as well as the interior. The exterior shots with the smartphone are controlled via app, which guides the employee carrying out the work in a circle with a diameter of around eight metres around the vehicle. An integrated spirit level and range indicator helps with the correct alignment of the camera. For the interior shots, the PhotoFairy 360° package includes a special camera for all-round shots of the interior, which is placed on the centre armrest. In this way, professional and perfectly illuminated impressions of the interior are created within a few seconds. The windows are automatically cleared in the image so that the viewer's gaze remains focused on the interior. Arrange a free trial for the PhotoFairy app now at [email protected]

Some questions to Ingmar Schüller, Product Manager at TÜV SÜD

Has PhotoFairy been further developed?Ingmar Schüller, Product Manager at TÜV SÜD

I. Schüller: We are constantly improving the technical aspects of the service. In addition to the iOS version, the app is also available for Android devices. In addition, we now offer the option of having TÜV SÜD employees take the pictures when a TÜV SÜD employee is on site, for example, during the vehicle assessment as part of the trade-in or vehicle return process. This ensures that vehicle images are uploaded to the network without delay. The VIN scanner has also been further developed.

Who uses PhotoFairy? Is it only for large car dealerships?

I. Schüller: No, we have a wide range of users - from very small businesses to large leasing companies. Every business, regardless of size, ultimately benefits from good marketing photos. The simple process of image creation, which is predefined by the app, suits everyone. The fact that the images can be created independently of the background is also an argument that concerns everyone who cannot or does not want to set up their own photo space.

How much AI is in the product?

I. Schüller: In the automated version, the programme automatically recognises vehicle outlines, can crop the vehicle and places it on a neutral background. In the "Automatic" version, this is a completely automated process that runs without manual support.



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