energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Solutions to achieve a cleaner and greener world

Solutions to achieve a cleaner and greener world

Energy efficiency

As indicated by the United Nations, transitioning the global economy towards clean and sustainable sources of energy is one of the greatest challenges in the coming decades. With current concerns on greenhouse gas emissions, using energy more efficiently can be one of the fastest ways for reducing energy-related requirements. Boosting energy efficiency in industries, buildings, vehicles, appliances and equipments will help reduce carbon footprint allowing industries and countries to meet their sustainability commitments especially towards SDG 7 which is related to access to clean and affordable energy.

our key credentials

Energy Efficiency  We have supported clients in 100+ projects for improving energy consumption and CO2 saving.

Energy Efficiency   We have 32+ labs across the globe to conduct energy efficiency tests from consumer electronics to toys to household appliances.

Energy Efficiency   180+ municipalities / cities were assessed for demand side of energy improvement.

Affordable and Clean EnergyDecent Work and Economic GrowthIndustry, Innovation and InfrastructureSustainable Cities and CommunitiesResponsible Consumption and ProductionClimate ActionPartnerships for the Goals


Our services


  • Advisory

    We support organisations to integrate energy management best practices into their current management system and also help them reduce energy consumptions, 

    • Energy efficiency policy advisory
    • Energy efficiency advisory for industrial and institutional building, municipalities, power plants and manufacturing units
    • Green building certification
    • BIM - Building information modeling
    • Simulation & modeling for buildings
    • Renovation and modernisation for power plant
    • Sustainability assessment advisory
    • Sustainability reporting advisory


  • Auditing and System Certification

    Our energy assessment experts support organisations in performing energy audits in accordance to the various international standards and best practices to create transparency and tap into opportunities for energy saving.

    • Energy efficiency audit
    • ISO 50001:2018 energy management system certification 
    • Supply chain energy efficiency audit


  • Testing and Product Certification

    We help organisations meet the regulatory requirements and consumer expectations for electrical equipments and appliances that have been tested and verified by an independent third party.

    • Energy rating testing for appliances
    • Energy star certification for appliances 
    • Energy marking for appliances
    • EV Battery testing and certification
    • EV Charger and meters testing and certification


  • Training

    Our experts help organisations in enhancing their competencies and skills for effective implementation of various energy conservation measures

    • EnMS ISO 50001:2018 Energy management system training
    • E-Mobility Training


Sectors and Industries we cater to

We support organisations across all sectors including Oil & Gas, Power Industry, Textiles, Food & Beverages, Cement & Heavy Engineering, Energy industries, Manufacturing industries, Chemical & Fertilizer, Pulp and Paper, Municipalities and urban local bodies, Commercial buildings, Metal and foundries

Other key initiatives we support

Infrastructure Imperatives, Carbon ManagementCircular Economy, Environment Conservation, Green Energy and Water Conservation.



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