ISO 20121

ISO 20121 Event sustainability certification

Ensure sustainable management of your events

Ensure sustainable management of your events

What Is ISO 20121?

ISO 20121 is recognised as the leading standard certification for sustainable events and their management systems. With the ISO 20121 certification, you can make your event more sustainable, no matter the event size or type.

Holding events can often take a toll on resources and the environment, resulting in the generation of a significant amount of waste. This International standard has been developed to relieve any strain on local infrastructure and utilities, therefore reducing any conflict in local communities where events are hosted.

ms sustainabilityBased on the "Plan-Do-Check-Act" methodology, it provides a systematic framework for the integration of sustainable management practices so as to reduce the impact related to economic, environmental and social aspects.

The standard is applicable to different categories of structures such as those involved in organising events, service providers for these events, as well as the management system relating to the organisation of a single event (e.g. catering. plants, stands, etc.).



How does ISO 20121 work?

The ISO 20121 certification is designed to offer guidance and best practice to help improve the sustainability of your event and manage its environmental and social impact. The standard was developed with the input of a variety of stakeholders, including representatives from the event industry, ensuring it is as practical and useful as possible.

The ISO 20121 management system supports your organisation in establishing and achieving key objectives, as well as supporting you in implementing new policies and procedures in order to achieve best practice in your event sustainability.

The standard addresses all stages of an event’s supply chain and includes both monitoring and measuring guidelines.


Who is the ISO 20121 for?

The ISO 20121 certification is valuable to any organisation relating to events that wishes to:

  • implement, maintain and improve their event sustainability management system;
  • ensure that it conforms with its stated sustainable development policy;
  • demonstrate voluntary compliance with ISO 20121 by an independent third party.

The flexible approach of this ISO standard means that it can be used for all manner of events, from corporate events to local trade shows.


Why is ISO 20121 certification important?

In implementing this standard, your organisation can significantly reduce overall costs and improve your brand reputation. Additionally, the sustainable management of events has numerous benefits on social, environment and economic landscapes.

The certification audit can provide guidance on several aspects of your event, including the production of waste, the consumption of energy and water, and the control of workers in the event organisation chain.


Why choose TUV SUD for ISO 20121?

Choosing TÜV SÜD as a certification partner allows organizations to take advantage of our experience and expertise. Our auditors are subject to compliance with very stringent codes of conduct that reassure them of their complete independence and professionalism.

To learn how your organisation can become ISO 20121 certified, or to find out more about the kinds of ways it can benefit your events, contact us today.


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